Outfit: Double Pink


Last Friday a very crazy and revolutionary event happened- I decided to wear jeans. I couldn’t believe the reaction I received at work, so many people commented on my different wardrobe choice, it really was one of the major topics of conversation in the office. The last time I wore jeans was probably at least a year ago and many of you have probably never seen it on my blog. I usually don’t like to wear jeans because they’re not particularly girly, they are obviously more casual which often doesn’t fit with my dressy style and I actually find skirts/dresses much more comfortable. However, I think coloured jeans and the amount of pink in this look counteracts some of the issues I generally have with pants. This outfit is my attempt to making jeans as girly and in accordance with my personal style as possible. Another reason behind my outfit choice was my desire to wear this jacket. It’s a piece I purchased last year from Dangerfield but I never have enough opportunities to wear it. I’ve tried many combinations but it simply doesn’t suit dresses or skirts and can really only be worn with jeans. I love it; the colour mix is very unique and the boucle texture is extremely beautiful. A boucle design always reminds me of Chanel which then creates a classy and luxurious feel. I am always drawn to this type of material. Following on from the Chanel inspired and pink theme, I added my pink look alike Chanel handbag which y sister in law got me from overseas. I wrote about this bag here and how I think it’s an excellent version of the original. I’m often surprised when people make comments about how there is only one Chanel and the look alike versions are no comparison to the real versions. I understand that’s the case in theory and the real Chanel is definitely my dream bag but for most average people such as myself there is no way in the world I would have a spare few thousand dollars to spend on a bag. It isn’t even an option so it’s really a choice between a look alike version or nothing and I know which I’d prefer. I had a lot of trouble accurately reflecting the colours in these photos. When I view the pictures on some computers the jeans look very pale and on other computers they are much brighter. They are actually very bright and neon in person.







Dangerfield Jacket
Forever New Jeans
Chanel look a-like Handbag
Mimco Infinite Pi Pumps

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107 thoughts on “Outfit: Double Pink

  1. It's so nice to see you wearing jeans! I really love love love the fact that even though you are not wearing a dress/ skirt like you usually do, you still stayed true to your own style! ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, to be honest, I don't think I would ever like to see a all-pink-outfit, however, I do! And it looks lovely on you!


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