New In: Various

Kitten D’Amour Hello Sailor Trench Coat
A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to the Kitten D’Amour store in The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. I was actually in search of the ‘High Society Opera’ dress which I’ve mention many times on my blog because it had sold out in my size online. I did in fact find that dress but I also instantly fell in love with this coat. When I saw it online previously, I liked it, but it certainly didn’t stand out to me. The main negative, from the online photo, was the length; it’s a shorter coat and slightly flared so the way the model wore it with a knee length pencil skirt made me unsure. I also thought that a coat so short would not be very versatile. However, I decided to try it on in the store because it was so beautiful in person and it became a different story. The model is obviously very tall because, while it’s still one of my shorter coats, it’s very workable with my wardrobe. I often find coats somewhat plain and it’s rare to see a patterned rather than block colour coat. I like this piece for it’s creative design and uniqueness. I have always loved nautical themed pieces and the detailing is very lovely. I didn’t expect to buy this but I loved it so much that it just sort of happened…at least it was 50% off.

Modcloth Bea & Dot Pretty as a Purr-trait Skirt
What is there not to love about a skirt that is completely covered by cats? As a kitty cat lover, I’ve had my eye on this piece for awhile and it was inevitable that it would find it’s way to my wardrobe eventually. The frame details add a lot to an already completely adorable design. I love how the white cat reminds me of my pretty kitty Juliette Princess Miracle and I adore how the tabby cat reminds me of my gorgeous Puss who was my kitty for most of my life growing up. It’s nice when clothes have such lovely memories attached. This is from Modcloth’s own range, Bea & Dot. I have a few pieces from there including my cupcake dress. The prints are so fun and very unique; they are designs which it would be rare to find elsewhere. I love everything about this skirt except that it was slightly too long. However, this was fixable; as I mentioned with my last post, I believe above knee are the only style of skirt that suit me. I look forward to showing this in an outfit post soon.

Kitten D’Amour High Society Dress
Finally I have tracked down this gorgeous dress and I am its proud owner. This is undoubtedly my favourite dress I have seen in an extremely long time. I admire the beautiful detailing such as the velvet ribbons and the lace, the classy and sophisticated colour scheme, the impressively structured 1950s silhouette, the excellent quality and the overall vintage element. I’ve mentioned this treasure on my blog many times before. I initially didn’t purchase it because I couldn’t justify spending the money since it started at $229 and Kitten D’Amour is an expensive store. It eventually came on sale but quickly sold out online in my size; at this point I thought I’d miss out forever. Fortunately I found one in the store and was able to secure this amazing dress. I can understand why it was selling so quickly; there is an adorable tag inside which states that this particular piece is number 84 of only 200 ever made in this design. I can’t wait to wear it and will look out for any available opportunity. I have an important event in mind actually.

Modcloth When the Planets A-Dine Plates
I’ve mentioned these planet themed plates a number of times so I’m very pleased they’ve now made their way into my apartment. Ive never seen anything like this before; they are such a fun and exciting idea. The colours are vibrant and the plates are durable (and even dishwasher safe!) My favourite designs are definitely the earth plate that the saturn plate. As it says on the packaging, “make every meal out of this world” and “put a new spin on dinner!” My husband loves these plates as much as I do so it’s great this was a purchase we can both enjoy.

Modcloth Bea & Dot High Socie-tea Dress in Macaron
I know a number of bloggers who own this dress and I just love it when I own the same dress as one of my online friends; it makes me love being a part of this community. A special shout out to Bristol of Colour Me Bristol who styled this dress here, and Ashley of Southern (California) Belle who styled the dress here.  I’d had my eye on this dress for an extremely long time but it was rather expensive and for months and months, I felt bad about spending so much on the dress. Eventually it came on sale and I didn’t want it to sell out so I bought it. I’m so pleased that I did. The fit is perfect, the pattern and colours are even more beautiful in person, and it’s excellent quality being fully lined. I can’t wait to style it with my collection of colourful cardigans. The only issue I had with this dress was the length. It’s the same as my sunflower skirt from my previous post. The dress is supposed to be more of a midi length. While that design looks fabulous on others, it swamps me and the extra material just doesn’t suit me. It seems like I’m getting pretty much everything I buy online hemmed at the moment.

Those are my latest purchases and I look forward to styling them in future outfit posts. Let me know what you’ve purchased recently.

80 thoughts on “New In: Various

  1. I must have been studying food for too long, since my favorite find are the planet plates! I would totally love to buy these as well! Right behind them would be both dresses, I understand why you are so in love with the limited edition one, the bustier decoration is gorgeous and it looks very well made.


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