Outfit: Sunflowers, Yellow & Blue


Hi everyone. Today I wanted to show you my sunflower skirt from my recent Modcloth haul. I’ve done a lot of shopping lately so I’m hoping to put together a post to collectively show you all my new pieces. My spending is a little out of control at the moment because I’ve been feeling sad and bored with life and shopping is the only way I know how to deal with my feelings. I really need to sort out my spending but for now I will just enjoy the clothes. Modcloth has some great sales lately and this skirt was a bargain. I’ve had it for awhile now but I still consider it new since this weekend was my first time wearing it because it needed to be hemmed. Fortunately my mum was generous and kind enough to hem the skirt for me. It was a bigger job than most- the full circle design of this skirt means there was a mass of material! This skirt is actually supposed to be a midi skirt design- in the Modcloth Style Gallery so many people have styled the midi length skirt beautifully. However, that length just does not suit me. It’s too much material and I think it swamps me. So, to make it more consistent with my personal style, I got it hemmed to above the knee. I thought that was a good balance since it’s still long enough to maintain the shape and the pattern. This skirt is just asking to be paired with yellow so the obvious choice was my Alannah Hill cardigan. This has been a good cardigan over the years but I’m sad that it’s started to lose its shape; it’s no longer fitted and I wouldn’t wear it with all the buttons closed because it would look really baggy. While I’d never say Alannah Hill cardigans are ever bad quality, there is certainly a huge variation with the quality. Some are made from gorgeous material that would last pretty much forever and others are fairly average. Unfortunately this one probably won’t last much longer. The weather is extremely cold at the moment, I cannot even deal with it. It was absolutely freezing taking these photos. These are my inside clothes at the moment. If you were to see me at the bus stop in the mornings I’d definitely be sporting a different look- coat, scarf, gloves and even tracksuit pants.




Crazy stuff!



Hell Bunny Sunflower Sunset Skirt from Modcloth
Alannah Hill Til it Shines Cardigan
Alannah Hill ‘Hold Me Down’ Bag
Florsheim Heels

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128 thoughts on “Outfit: Sunflowers, Yellow & Blue

  1. Oh my, this outfit is just adorable! The skirt is too pretty and I also love your bag!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my last post!


  2. The outfit looks so happy and lovely! I think that shortening the skirt was a good idea, it looks really nice now. And you must have been cold when taking these pictures, if otherwise you wear so many layers!
    As for crazy spending, I used to shop a lot too, but recently, I've been setting stricter limits as for price, style and how it matches my wardrobe, hence cutting down the amount of things I buy too. Sometimes it results in me not buying pieces I regret not buying later though. =D


  3. Oh, the skirt is so beautiful! I love the colors you paired together-adding the sunny yellow cardigan to match was a lovely idea. I like how the length came out too-it does suit you wonderfully. And I know what you mean about shopping, it is very therapeutic and I find myself getting the itch to shop when I'm feeling down also. Thankfully I never online shop though because nothing ever ends up fitting me and so I just waste my money, but modcloth is definitely tempting 🙂


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