Outfit: Heart Print


Today I have my new dress, which I received courtesy of OASAP, to show you. I also own this dress in purple which I posted here . Often, when I find a piece I love from OASAP, I order it in multiple colours; I can have true confidence in my order. Also I’ve wanted a white dress for so long. A white dress is so clean, fresh, classy and beautiful. From what I’ve observed, the little white dress is starting to take on the properties of the little black dress or the little red dress; it’s a must have piece. I look forward to spring when I can wear this little white dress in all its glory. Today I had to make it more appropriate for winter. I like the way this combination came together; it’s one of the rare occasions where I didn’t give it much thought but it seemed to work. I knew I wanted to wear a piece which had been under utilised in recent times; the cardigan (and bag actually) fit that criteria as it’s been sitting around in my wardrobe for far too long. I adore heart print and rainbow hearts are even better! The star fish earrings pictured above are from the same OASAP order. They are one of my favourite pairs since they are super adorable and incorporate two of my favourite aspects- rainbow colours and pearls. The same goes for my USA flag print bag. It’s so unique and the beaded detailing is really beautiful. I’ve had this bag since I was about 14 or 15 years old. At that time, and for many years, I was super obsessed with the USA. I loved American accents especially, knew a lot about the country and desperately wanted to visit. So my aunt bought me this bag for Christmas one year. It was really thoughtful and is special to me today since it brings back so many memories. I still haven’t been to the USA but I would very much like to (if I can ever get past my fear of plans and my inability to save money). We can also see this bag as a contribution to all the Independence Day inspired looks I have been seeing on blogs lately. I did wear green on St Patrick’s Day so that’s only fair! On another note, my blog seems to give an unrealistic view of the weather in Sydney. It appears from my pictures that it’s pretty warm here.  While it’s a warmer winter than usual and we probably don’t know the true meaning of the season in Australia, I sure think it’s freezing walking to the bus stop at 7.15 in the mornings for work. I’m mostly seen in my pink coat and a scarf these days. even at the office I even had to resort to taking an electric blanket in to work it’s so cold; it increases the motivation to go to work a little.

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. It was so incredibly lovely and I am very grateful. I didn’t expect so many of you to take the time to actually read my whole post and to go to the effort of leave me a reassuring comment and speaking about a topic other than fashion. I expected maybe a few people would do that but definitely not in the quantity I received. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed and it helps a little given that I feel so alone most of the time. I hope that one day I can write about how I came through the other side but for now that will have to remain a very distant hope.








Lush Lace Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress c/o OASAP
Alannah Hill Queen of Hearts Cardigan
Mimco First Kiss Pumps
USA Flag Print Beaded Handbag
Beaded Star Fish Earrings c/o OASAP 

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56 thoughts on “Outfit: Heart Print

  1. So cute! I love how subtle the US details are, and the cute carigan!

    Well in my part of the world at the moment there is over 30 degrees, but I still sit at work with a cardigan, scarf and a thick blanket because of the abused airconditioning. TT___TT

    I'm happy you feel a little better now, I think you're one of the bloggers who attract more of the people who actually follow the blogs they're really interested in and then of course they read the content too. Hang in there and I wish you all the best in your fight!


  2. You look so pretty, as always! I love the cardigan so much. So colourful & adorable!
    I haven't seen your last post yet, but I'm glad that you got so many positive responses, and that it made you feel a little better.



  3. I always say that a little white dress is just as important as her more famous sister LBD! This white dress really looks lovely on you. The cardigan with hearts is really adorable and I do like the bag and the silver pumps. For some reason the combination of silver shoes and the print on that bag makes me think of a wonder woman (you know that comic hero)! …and you're a wonder woman let me assure you because just to be honest with ourselves it takes a lot, sometimes all we got.

    I think that in the society we live in, we're somehow made to feel guilty if we're feeling sad or hopeless…like feeling depressed wasn't hard enough by itself…but most of us feel like that at some point of our lives and many feel like that quite often. Sometimes severe sadness is just something we have to go trough. So, try not to be too hard on yourself…step by step, little by little…there is always hope.



  4. What a sweet white dress Imogen… very cute, you look lovely 🙂

    Hopefully coming through to the other side won't be in the distant future… I never thought I would get through but I did and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it could… Is it easy now? No but at least I feel hope and you will too… 🙂 xox


  5. When you don´t expect something the sensation is even better. I am glad to hear that you were happy with the comments on your last post. This new one is beautiful. I loved the combination of cardigan with your white dress. Kisses, Imogen and I wish you have a nice day:)


  6. I'm sure you will come out the other side – I've been suffering from anxiety and bouts of depression since I was six and made it on the other side and I'm in a good place in my life, so you can too.

    I love this dress, it's so fresh and crisp, I think I need to invest in a little white dress too.

    Gems x


  7. Lovely look! I love your bag and your dress <3
    Anyway, I just read your previous blog post and I'm so sorry about it. Sometimes I feel that way too. Who doesn't, anyway? We're all human 🙂 I'm having a phobia that really burdened me for years after a traffic accident that I'm easily get scared and shocked by now. I even can't ride or drive for years due to the trauma I had. It stressed me cause the public transport here in my city are just lack, but then well… I am still stand here and I wish you do so! Cheer up, no matter how hard the situation is! 🙂




  8. This is such a pretty little dress and that heart print cardigan is so cute. That's the great thing I've found about blogging, it's such a supportive community and I hope to read one day that you have come through the other side feeling better but for now just take it one day at a time, and do anything you can that'll make you feel good 🙂 xx


  9. Oh, these earrings are so cool, Imogen. They look so vintage. And I love this white dress. White looks so lovely on you.


    by the way, stop by tomorrow if you can and send Nel some birthday wishes. The post I did is very different, and it was fun creating it. :~)


  10. First of all, gorgeous dress! I love the little panels cut out to make it a more full dress. It's really nice how you styled it for winter:)
    Second of all, I do hope you are feeling better! Just know that there are so many people in this community alone that are here for you and support you. I know this isn't much but keep smiling, Imogen, because you have such a beautiful smile. Let me know if you would like to talk!


  11. I know I definitely use my blog to connect with others. To find companionship when I don't have any girlfriends who live close in real life. I consider you a friend, and I wish I could burden some of what you are going through for you! Looking solely at your photos, I would never ever guess that you had internal battles – and I admire you for sharing your skeletons with us. Because we do all have skeletons, we're just not all brave enough to publicize them.
    I'm thinking of you over here.
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com


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