Current Loves

Daisy print has become so popular in the blog world in recent times so I know I’m not the only one who loves daisies. I wish I had more daisy print so this would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Daisies are so adorable, sweet and beautiful; a daisy bag would look so lovely with my printed dresses. For some reason daisy print reminds me of carefree summer days and scenic locations. so it’s nice when a piece provides positive connotations. This website has a number of pretty little bags.
I am so in love with these shoes and I’ve had my eye on them for a number of weeks now. I just wish they’d come on sale. They also come in both teal and black. My first thought when I spotted them was that they would have made the perfect shoes for my wedding. The theme for my wedding was purple and, two years ago, we had such difficulty finding purple shoes for the bridesmaids. In the end I went for black shoes with  diamante heels. Regardless, I still have so many reasons for these shoes in my life.
I mentioned this dress in my post last week but, since it’s my absolute favourite dress in the whole world right now, it definitely deserves to be in another post. This dress is so unique, classy, vintage and beautiful; it’s a real treasure. I tried it on in the Kitten D’Amour shop in the city recently and instantly fell in love. I am saving up the money to buy it because it is too special to pass up.

Kitten D’Amour God Save the Kitten Cardigan
Following on from my currently love for Kitten D’Amour, this grape cardigan is right at the top of my choices. I have this cardigan, in a different colour scheme, from many years ago which I posted here. I’ve had so much use from the versatile classy piece and I know the grape version would be no exception.  The lace, velvet trim and bows are super adorable; the colour is very rich and special.

Nasty Girl Shelling Out Bag
I adore the holograhic trend and I’m still yet to add any pieces to my collection. This is the perfect accessory; it’s such a pretty,sweet and adorable bag. I love the sparkly rainbow elements and the beautiful shell design; it reminds me of a magical mermaid It would look especially perfect with a summer dress. I particularly have a white dress in mind to pair with this little bag.

Air of Adorable Dress
I posted another hot air balloon printed dress from Modcloth in my previous wishlist here so it’s definitely one of my favourites right now. I like this particular one even better; the hot air balloons even have faces on them- best idea ever. The print is so adorable, special and incredibly happy; I love all the colours against the dreamy and magical pale blue sky. This is totally my style and would really brighten up the day.

 I don’t wear a lot of black but I fell in love with this cardigan the moment I saw it. It also comes in white and a very unique shade of olive green. I love the bow detailing and the sparkly buttons, as is always the case with Alannah Hill cardigans. I especially love this cardigan because it looks so warm and cosy; it’s primarily made from angora. It’s freezing leaving for work in the morning so that’s another reason why this cardigan has so much appeal.
What’s on your wishlist right now?

40 thoughts on “Current Loves

  1. The two bags are my favorite pieces! Especially the shell-shaped one. I saw similar style in a vintage store in Dublin, I should have bought it…


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