Hi everyone. Just a quick post today to show you my latest instagram photos. MyInstagram is Chelsea Miracle

1. with my Juliette Princess Miracle dressed up to go to a 1950s party. I had my hair curled for a change (a complete one off because I felt so self conscious with my hair down). 2. with Charlotte the guinea pig. 3. easter chocolates, white chocolate bunnies are my favourite. 4. my two beautiful ragdolls. 5. I bought a panda umbrella a number of weeks ago and was waiting for ages for it to rain. 6. bought another set of babushka dolls. 7. my first piece from Bonne Chance Collections, love how they wrap everything like a gift. 8. so random, I woke up one day with a natural curl. 9. my friend and I wore matching outfits to work for a week. This was orange Tuesday. 10. just a day at work. 11. Juliette Princess Miracle and Rydog. I love these two together. 12. bargain. $10 shoes from Target


44 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Gorgeous pictures doll!! To be honest, your hair looks wonderful curled and down, suits you so much!! I love the difference. You chould definitely do it more often….you look amazing!! Love these red shoes too, so sweet :)) I hope you are doing well doll xx


  2. Oh my, your cat is GORGEOUS!!! I just want to tickle her tummy! You looked so lovely in the 1950's-wear. Is your work colleague from Indonesia? She has a Balinese look to me and you too look lovely together!!! Hope all is well with you x


  3. Imogen,
    This is the second post today that has Instagram pics. I must get with it and start taking them myself – they kind of look vintage looking. I love these pictures! That first picture of you is gorgeous. I think it's my favorite picture of you yet….and those earrings! I have some similar to them. The little ragdoll is sweet. Do you know that cloth dolls are my favorite? I can see why you love your Babushka dolls. I've been seeing those around a lot lately, and want to get some. These pics are so delightful, and they show us a glimpse of your world.



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