Outfit: Hearts & Pink


This is my first ever dress from Bonne Chance Collections; I discovered this amazing website a few weeks ago and posted about it here. It has the most adorable, beautiful and sweet dresses I’ve ever seen; the designs are so special and like those from my dreams. I wish I could build up the whole collection of unicorns, kittens, strawberries and stars. This particular dress has the print of little shoes, handbags and hat boxes. I love it so much! The dress runs a little large and doesn’t come in an extra small so I’m more comfortable wearing a cardigan over the top since the dress isn’t particularly tight fitting. That works well in the winter time anyway. I had the desire to wear my heart print cardigan; I haven’t worn it in ages. It’s so fun and happy to wear. I adore the heart print buttons too. I often don’t know what to wear it with but, like I did with this look, I’m going to create more outfits involving pattern mixing. The cardigan is also the perfect match to my Marc by Marc Jacobs flats. Ever since I receive my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats as a gift last year which I posted here I’ve been completely in love with Marc by Marc Jacobs flats of all varieties. Not only do they look amazing, they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I’ve bought two pairs since and both at very reasonable prices; if you search hard enough there are some great deals out there. The unicorn bag adds to the girly, pretty and adorable theme.

It’s so great to be back at work this week. I feel much more comfortable there than at college. I’m very busy at work at the moment, I’ve been given some extra responsibilities which is a great opportunity. But it’s exceedingly hard to balance law college and full time work which is why I keep wishing for college to end. Although there have been some challenging and not so positive times at work, this job has overall been the best thing to ever happen to me. I am so grateful for how much of a life it gave me when I literally felt like there was no other point to life. On another note, at work we have a world cup draw and I have been assigned The Netherlands as my team. I haven’t ever watched much of the world cup in past years but this time I’ll probably take a moderate interest since he have this fun game at work. I need The Netherlands to win some games so I can get prices at work!







Bonne Chance Collections The Little Traveler Dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs Flats
Irregular Choice Magic Pony Bag/ Modcloth Mind, Body and Carousel Bag
Alannah Hill My Smiling Anger Cardigan

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48 thoughts on “Outfit: Hearts & Pink

  1. This is such a darling dress, I do love their dresses. You look marvellous in it. Good luck to win prizes, the World Cup should be good, I hope at least…since it will be playing in my home from now on, haha. My husband is a huge football fan & was in Brazil some months ago, so he's been looking forward to this for a while now!! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xx


  2. God, i just love how girly and sweet your style is- Bonne Chance seriously seems like it's personally been made for you. Haha! That dress is so cute- I love the scalloped middle 🙂

    And I was excited to hear you're 25, too! We can stress out about out old-age-ness together 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  3. I do love how you wear these fantastic dresses, Imogen:) The print is just adorable.
    And I hope Netherlands win some games for you:) I don't really follow World Cup….sigh….


  4. Imogen, I like how you pair pink and red together… it is a really sweet color combination on you 🙂 I hope you are having a really great weekend 🙂


  5. This is another adorable dress+cardigan combo. Love both of those pieces. And thanks Imogen for linking up the gorgeous Teal+Floral Outfit with us. You're great. Your style is great.

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend. ❤ Ada.


  6. Imogen,
    This dress is very lady-like, and it's nice to dress like this every now and then. You have such a wide variety of style – girly, fun, elegant, classy, whimsical……..and that's what makes you so special, Imogen.

    Have a fun week, and it's so nice to hear that you feel comfortable at work. I don't hear that too often.



  7. Wooooow your dress is just perfect!And the bag is so cute! Love your blog and i'm following you too with gfc. Love your style. You are right I think we like te similar stuff ❤


  8. Hi girly! I love love this outfit, the dress is beautiful but my favorite part of the look is your bag.. it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad to find someone else that has a full time job, goes to college and blogs 🙂 I'm right there with you sister! it gets hard at times but I love every minute of it!
    Have a great week darling! Following you on Bloglovin and Instagram, I hope you follow me back so we can stay in touch and support each other 🙂



  9. Oh this dress is adorable! I love the scalloped bodice and the colors are just so beautiful on you! What a fun and unique dress. Glad you're enjoying work now, I hope your classes go easy on you so it isn't so stressful. Working and going to college at the same time is so challenging!


  10. That is such a cute dress! I agree with you on the Marc Jacobs flats too – they are so comfortable! Great investments, especially when you can find them on sale! (Keep an eye out on shopbop for the sales – they are often on there) I have a black and tan pair of the red ones you're wearing here 🙂

    Away From The Blue


  11. you look so perfect! I love the dress, such a lovely pattern and those buttons are a nice detail:)

    love your red shoes..so cute…and the bag is really nice…I also like those green earrings.


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