Outfit: Yellow & Teal


I just love receiving my orders from OASAP; when I come home from work it’s a little gift to brighten up the day. It’s that time again and this bag and the lip print dress are the latest additions to my wardrobe. I chose this dress because I’m drawn to all things yellow in recent times and the lip print is also very unique and fun. However, when I received the dress I thought it was much more flattering worn as a top with my skater skirt over the top. While the dress is of a reasonable length, there are a number of sheer panels and the lining definitely isn’t long enough to cover all appropriate areas! The addition of the skater skirt creates more waist definition and I also like how the dress peeks out the bottom. I like how the yellow is broken up and is more subdued. I love the bag and I just know I’ll get so much use from it. I adore hot pink and it actually comes in many other colours; I think I’ll get a few others eventually. It’s much smaller than I expected but that’s not a problem. I probably should have checked the measurements before. I love the way yellow, teal and pink look together.






Stylish Shoulder Bag c/o OASAP
Lips Organza Paneled Dress c/o OASAP
Portmans Skater Skirt
Guess Neodan Heels in Floral

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72 thoughts on “Outfit: Yellow & Teal

  1. This is a sweet look on you Imogen.. of course you look sweet in all your pictures.. I like the idea of wearing a skater skirt over the dress … 🙂


  2. Love the top part of the dress – shame it's a little short and sheer on the bottom, it does look lovely paired with the blue skirt though.

    Maybe in winter you could wear it as a dress with leggings underneath? Would be warm and less worry about the sheer panels! 🙂

    Away From The Blue


  3. Imogen,
    You make every outfit you wear so special. You mix and match clothes well, and you always have fun with the accessories. I really like your style. Sometimes it's whimsical, other times it's classy and elegant, and then sometimes it's girly. We never know, and that's what makes it delightful cause you surprise us every time. And you always look lovely, my dear.

    Have a nice Memorial Day.



  4. You are such a beautiful bright vision in this outfit, love the colours and accessories. Thanks so much for stopping by…wishing you a productive week ahead!


  5. Way to make the most of a difficult piece to style! How strange it would be sheer in those places! But it does look lovely with this skirt over it! 🙂


  6. Beautiful proposal! Certainly, this dress won a lot with the addition of the skirt, this is so clever! Love, love it! I'm thinking I need more yellow in my wardrobe … Ugh!


  7. such a beautiful look Imogen! I love the little pink handbag, and I know I just love coming home to lots of packages haha. it's such a great and exciting way to be welcomed back home! 🙂

    Metallic Paws Giveaway up on my blog!


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