Outfit: Cats


Today I’m excited to share with you my current favourite dress and the most adorable, beautiful and sweet print in the whole entire world! Kitty cats in a movie theatre…it doesn’t come any cuter than that. If you look closely at the print you’ll notice that some of the cats are eating popcorn, others have little handbags, a few are enjoying fish snacks, many are knitting and some are even hiding or covering their eyes because the movie is too scary. I just want to reach out and give those kitty cats a big hug. As a cat lover, there couldn’t possibly be a more perfect dress for me. I’d actually been searching for a cat print dress for well over a year so, with the addition of the extra adorable factor, I was very happy to find this one. The experience introduced me to the brand Retrolicious which has many other lovely dresses. I may have just experienced similar success with my incredibly lengthy search for the perfect unicorn dress; there will be more on that later. I look forward to wearing this dress on multiple occassions because it truly is the best ever. The obvious choice was to pair it with my kitty cat flats. Double cat print? Yes please! Both my cat flats and the cardigan I’m wearing in this post are pieces I wear frequently but haven’t posted on my blog before. Of all my Alannah Hill cardigans, this one is quite possibly my favourite. The detailing is exquiite and incredibly sparkly. I love how all the buttons and the beads are different designs. It’s such a stand out collar. My ‘From Paris with Love’ bag from Forever New is making yet another appearance on my blog; it’s been such a realiable and versatile bag.








Retrolicious Movie Theatre Cats Dress via Modcloth
Kitty Cat Flats
From Paris With Love Bag
My Pearl of Desire Cardigan
Diva Tartan Bow

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