Outfit: Black, White & Green

P1140422 Today I wanted to show you my new pocket watch necklace which I received courtesy of Born Pretty Store. I’m really happy with it; the design is adorable, the quality is great and it’s even functional too. I’ll definitely get a lot of use from it. I definitely recommend checking out the website. You can find the Classical Bronze Pocket Watch Chain Link Heart Shaped Watch here. They have a great variety of products such as wrist watches, bracelet watches and iPhone 5 cases. Thanks Born Pretty. To receive 10% off enter the code IMONC10.

I’ve seen a myriad of discussion by bloggers in recent times about enjoying the small aspects of life; it seems that so many people are attempting to focus on appreciating the little things. That’s great. For me, one of the greatest small pleasures in life is rediscovering an outfit which I haven’t worn in a long time. It’s almost as exciting as purchasing a new outfit and it’s a small highlight to a day. I’d like to become better at utilising and appreciating my current wardrobe rather than purchasing new things I don’t need all the time. However, I have said that millions of times and failed on every occassion. I posted this outfit a few years ago in the earlier days of my blog but I’m not too sure how many of you would remember it. I love the tulle style skirt and, given the recent popularity of tulle skirts, it’s an even more appropriate time to start wearing it again. It reminds me of a ballerina or a princess. I like to think the top adds a dimension to the girly nature of this look. I was lucky with the shoes since they are such a perfect match; these have been one of my favourite pairs of shoes for many years now. I can’t get enough of my unicorn bag. I love how it’s sparkly and glittery. It’s pretty much the most amazing bag ever and I’m so happy it’s mine! Contrary to what I wrote previously about making the most out of existing clothes, my green coat is fairly new. It’s the ‘Her Tower Crumbled Coat’ from Alannah Hill and I couldn’t resist the amazing sale on coats earlier in the year. The polka dot lining is a real feature and I just love how I can turn out the sleeves to show that detailing. I love green lately and I was drawn to this beautiful jewel tone. The collarless design is different from my other coats too.










Classical Bronze Pocket Watch Chain Link Heart Shaped Watch
Forever New Frill Bodysuit
Modcloth Tulle Skirt
Wittner Queen Heels
Diva Houndstooth Hair Bow
Diva Earrings
Irregular Choice Unicorn Bag
Alannah Hill Her Tower Crumbled Coat 

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81 thoughts on “Outfit: Black, White & Green

  1. Finding old outfits that work makes me happy too:) That tulle skirt is so lovely. Not a lot of people can pull this off IMO but you wear it really well.
    Have a great Easter, Imogen:)


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