Outfit: Pale Pink Velvet


Hi all! Since it is now autumn and the warmer weather will soon be drawing to a close I’m trying to make the most out of my summer dresses and minimise the wearing of cardigans and jackets to the greatest extent possible. This year it feels like I didn’t have much of a summer because I worked the whole time in an office with excessively cold air conditioning. It was quite a change from other years in many ways since it was my first summer of having a full time job. While I definitely preferred to be at work, my summer dresses haven’t had as much exposure as in previous years and it was a very strange concept wearing coats in the middle of summer in Australia while inside the cold air conditioning. Consequently, yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out this dress. I love it because it is velvet which is undoubtedly my all time favourite material.  I always wish there was more velvet around. It’s very frustrating how velvet only ever seems to come in such a restricted range of colours. As much as I love my burgundy and navy velvet, I long to see the full spectrum of colours showcased in velvet. If I was a fashion designers this would surely happen. I found his little dress in Dotti last year. I wanted to wait until it came on sale and I almost missed out on it. I remember travelling to about four different Dotti store locations to finally locate this dress in my size for a bargain $20.   I was so happy when I found it. I adore the unique shade of pink. The main feature is the lace collar and detailing. Lace collars are my favourite. I also picked up the apple shaped clutch bag from Forever New which I posted in my wishlist here. Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph very well; it’s an extremely sparkly bag and that doesn’t show up at all. Oh well, trust me, it is a rather exciting bag.







Dotti Lace Velvet Dress
Forever New Sparkly Apple Shaped Clutch
Wittner Queen Heels

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