Outfit: Pale Pink Velvet


Hi all! Since it is now autumn and the warmer weather will soon be drawing to a close I’m trying to make the most out of my summer dresses and minimise the wearing of cardigans and jackets to the greatest extent possible. This year it feels like I didn’t have much of a summer because I worked the whole time in an office with excessively cold air conditioning. It was quite a change from other years in many ways since it was my first summer of having a full time job. While I definitely preferred to be at work, my summer dresses haven’t had as much exposure as in previous years and it was a very strange concept wearing coats in the middle of summer in Australia while inside the cold air conditioning. Consequently, yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out this dress. I love it because it is velvet which is undoubtedly my all time favourite material.Β  I always wish there was more velvet around. It’s very frustrating how velvet only ever seems to come in such a restricted range of colours. As much as I love my burgundy and navy velvet, I long to see the full spectrum of colours showcased in velvet. If I was a fashion designers this would surely happen. I found his little dress in Dotti last year. I wanted to wait until it came on sale and I almost missed out on it. I remember travelling to about four different Dotti store locations to finally locate this dress in my size for a bargain $20. Β  I was so happy when I found it. I adore the unique shade of pink. The main feature is the lace collar and detailing. Lace collars are my favourite. I also picked up the apple shaped clutch bag from Forever New which I posted in my wishlist here. Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph very well; it’s an extremely sparkly bag and that doesn’t show up at all. Oh well, trust me, it is a rather exciting bag.







Dotti Lace Velvet Dress
Forever New Sparkly Apple Shaped Clutch
Wittner Queen Heels

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66 thoughts on “Outfit: Pale Pink Velvet

  1. We've just had the first signs of summer. I feel like we're stealing it from you haha.
    I love that dress – it is so pretty. And your bag is so lovely too.


  2. Do you know, I picked up the most darling claret velvet dress with lace collar in a charity shop. It was a child's dress and I kept hoping I could cut it into an adult dress, sadly too small! Your dress reminds me of it. Very similar! Looks v pretty on you.
    How's the course going, a bit further on? x


  3. Wow…your smile in the 4th pic from the top looks like a million dollars! What a pretty shade of lipstick and I love the dress. I also give you much props for the suit in the previous post…it's so cute and vintagey..I'll have to go see where you bought it. πŸ™‚


  4. I would love to see your dress collection in person! It's an amazing collection, seeing it from the photos!
    And that lace collar just makes the dress! Thank you for all your support with manic monday!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com


  5. Gosh it has been SO long since I have been onto your blog – I am sorry for that! I hate losing touch with the blogs that I truly enjoy. Missed seeing your quirky fashion outfits – this one is such a nice one to come back to! Amazing and unique as always. The pink is lovely and although I'm not usually a fan of velvet this looks gorgeous on you x



  6. Imogen, I wanted to thank you for your very sweet comment… I think you should just write from the heart.. that is all I do. If I wrote all of what I was feeling, nobody would be able to handle it… but it helps to write a little bit of it at a time…

    I hope you have a great rest of the week πŸ™‚


  7. Definetly one of my favorite outfits!!! This dress is SOOO cute! Just pefect!
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, for the really first time. Have a look at it if you like πŸ™‚
    Lots of love!


  8. Make the most of the sun. It's always cold here even when it is supposed to be summer so we are always in layers.

    Today the sun is out in full swing though, hope he stays πŸ˜€


  9. Imogen,
    Your velvet dress is absolutely charming. I love velvet too, but don't see it that much any more, especially during spring and summer. Your clutch is darling too. You look so pretty in this outfit.

    It's funny when you said that Autumn is coming soon because here, spring is on its way.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Imogen. Have a fun day wearing your green!



  10. I love velvet as well! It's just one of those pretty fabrics that looks good any way you style it. I never thought about the fact that it only comes in a couple of colors normally..you should start designing velvet dresses in rainbow colors! How fun would that be?! This dusty pink color is so ladylike and pretty and the collar couldn't be more perfect. You look just lovely as always! πŸ™‚


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