In recent times I’ve seen the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ from Modcloth mentioned many times in the blog world. I know many of you are familiar with this piece. I am happy to tell you that I’m now the proud owner of the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress.’ I’ve actually had it for a number of months now (purchased with this dress here) but I’m finally able to wear it. I have two Bernie Dexter dresses (I posted the other here) now and both have been excessively long. So, for some time, the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ joined my ever growing pile of clothes requiring alterations. The good news is that it is finally hemmed and is ready to wear. How exciting! I love this dress. The pattern, colour scheme and unique neckline are adorable. The poppy floral print is seen much less often than other florals. I decided to style it with bright red accessories to accentuate those tones in the dress. However, one of my favourite parts of this dress is the amount of styling options available. I think it would look fabulous with green accessories such as my new green coat (yes! I finally found the right one!) The floral pattern also displays a slightly orange hue so I believe this would provide a myriad of options. I look forward to trying these combinations. My one issue with this dress is the winged shoulders. I think they look amazing and beautiful. However, they will not stay in position and are continually flopping down. It’s rather annoying. It would be great if they were structured with firmer material.  I’m happy with the ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ overall; it’s a fun and lovely vintage inspired piece. In terms of Bernie Dexter dresses, my hope is that one day I will own the ‘Amour and More Dress’ which is currently sold on Modcloth by Bernie Dexter. My OASAP bag, which I have in both red and white, is starting to become part of my signature look. I love this bag so much and it’s hard to find an outfit that doesn’t go with either the red or white version. I feel like I’m the advertisement for this bag at the moment. OASAP is currently using my images to sell the product. Check it out here.






Bernie Dexter ‘Wizard of Awesome Dress’ via Modcloth
Florsheim Red Velvet ‘Peta’ Heels

Retro Embroidered Pearl Diamond Lattice like Handbag c/o OASAP
Kmart Hair Flower

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88 thoughts on “Outfit

  1. Such a pretty dress! I love how your entire outfit always looks so well put together 🙂 xx

    Ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter 🙂


  2. Oh, I love this dress, Imogen! You look so pretty in it, and your face seems to be glowing. I haven't worn a dress in so long, but this design would be so cute as a shirt too.

    You look simply lovely today.



  3. What an absolutely gorgeous dress – it looks like something right out of the 1950s! It suits your style just perfectly and, although it may have required alterations, it was definitely worth the wait to wear it because it's just perfect on you 🙂


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