Collection: Kate Spade

I love the Kate Spade Spring/ Summer 2014 collection and these are my favourite looks. In recent times I’ve become really obsessed with all things Kate Spade; it’s my dream to own a Kate Spade bag and a Kate Spade pair of shoes. I adore the fun and often quirky designs. The prints and colours are very happy. The silhouettes adds so much to the pieces. My favourites are the bright pink dress, the pink coat with the black trim and the white and yellow dress which is finished off with the overlaying yellow top. I’d happily wear each one of these pieces. It’s so beautiful.I know I’m fairly late posting these pictures but I was looking at them again recently and just thought I had to show them. It reminded me of how much I adored this set.

What do you think of the Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2014 Collection?

60 thoughts on “Collection: Kate Spade

  1. Gorgeous! My favourite piece is the pink coat with the black trim, I love the texture of it. My favourite outfit is the monochrome one – so classic! I also love the lemon? printed dress, perfect for Summer xxx


  2. I loved the collection! And not a coincidence – because I love your style,it's very normal that I would love exactly the items you loved too – the pink dress and the pink coat with black trim! I also loved the black and white dress! denisesplanet com


  3. Imogen,
    Oh, look at that pink dress! My favorites are the one with the pink skirt, the red dress, and of course, that pink dress! I've seen a lot of that color lately. I need to go shopping for spring – so fun!



  4. Those dresses are just so beautiful! I wish summer would be here, so that I could wear them all πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend and check out my new post if you like:)

    Lots of love!


  5. I'm all for fun and quirky! And prints and colors and all things cheery and bright.:) Love her stuff, I wouldn't mind owning some (all:D) of these dresses myself actually!


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