Outfit: Lace Details


Back in 2009 when I first discovered both Modcloth and the concept of fashion blogging, I instantly fell in love with a Modcloth piece called the Keiko Lynn dress. I eventually purchased it in my first ever order from Modcloth and got an incredible amount of use from it. This was truly the best dress! I was so sad when, a couple of years later, the elasticated waist and sleeves became so loose that I couldn’t wear it anymore. Last year I noticed The Blueberry Muffin dress on the Modcloth website and it was so very similar to the Keiko Lynn dress that I missed so dearly; the same lace detailing and trim, identical colour scheme, similar polka dot design and analogous shape. I knew I had to have it! I was very good and waited until the 50% off sale. When I finally received this dress it was amazing. It was everything I’d loved about the Keiko Lynn dress and better. The zip instead of elastic is much more practical and I like the material more than the silk. The polka dots are much bigger on this dress so it seems more like a white rather than navy blue piece which I don’t mind. I’m so happy to have this dress and I expect to get just as much use from it as I did with the Keiko Lynn dress. My shoes are another item I’d had my eye on for ages. I’ve been obsessed with silver shoes for quite some time now but could never find the right pair. I loved this pair, the First Kiss Heels from Mimco but they were rather pricey. I considered buying them anyway but simply just couldn’t justify it. So I waited and eventually they became mine for a wonderful 60% off. It’s my first ever piece from Mimco, how exciting. It’s so cool how the shoes are silver on the outside and gold on the inside. They are fantastic quality and I absolutely love wearing them.   I’m often surprised by how many comments, both in the blog and non blog world, I get about my hair and why I always have it in the same style. The photos from my last post with my hair down were quite awhile ago when my hair wasn’t so thin and flat. I thought about cutting my hair back into that style but I realised it would just take too much time and stress me out each day. My hair is not naturally straight. I can only imagine how stressed I’d be at 6.30am rushing to straighten my hair. I love it how my current style takes less than 10 minutes and I don’t have to fix it throughout the day.  I simply don’t feel comfortable with my hair in any other way. I felt liberated when I discovered this hairstyle; no more stress!







133 thoughts on “Outfit: Lace Details

  1. Oh, can you believe, I just wrote a comment and lost everything! I said that you look beautiful, your dress is beautiful, so is your bag! I have the same feeling, when I really really love something, I try to find it again and again for years! I do read posts, some people don't – and I noticed that you said that many people commented about the hair! Well, I liked it the previous way too, but this is your trademark now, the bun, and I like it very much! By the way, I also like the shoes silver outside and golden inside! Everything gorgeous! denisesplanet com


  2. ModCloth has such beautiful dresses, too bad they're not too cheap and the postage to Europe is a bit dear too… Looks lovely on you, especially with that fab red bag 🙂


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