Remix: Pink Lace Bag

It’s time for another remix post and on this occasion it features my ‘A Lacy Affair Bag’ from Alannah Hill (a very deserving piece because I’ve had so much use from it). I received it as a Christmas present back in 2010 from my mother in law. I was especially surprised, happy and excited. This was back in the day when I rarely owned anything from Alannah Hill and I didn’t have expensive bags (long before my obsession with Guess bags began) so it meant the world to me. I believe my ‘A Lacy Affair Bag’ represents my style accurately because it’s so girly. I adore the beautiful lace, the lovely bow and the pretty shade of pink.   


Alannah Hill ‘A Lacy Affair Bag’

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96 thoughts on “Remix: Pink Lace Bag

  1. This is the perfect bag for all these outfits! Great color and texture. I'm a huge fan of skirts too and yours have fun patterns and color. Lovely post.

    blue hue wonderland


  2. Tia, I am so glad I met you today in blog world. What an inspiration you are!! I have no doubt you will meet your professional goals. I appreciate they are pretty challenging! You'll deserve $10 0000 + some days! Can you promise me that some time in your career path you will mentor some younger women. You would be wonderful. Best wishes. xx


  3. Hi Imogen…I almost forgot about the pretty bag because I was too caught up admiring all your beautiful and vibrant outfits! Thanks for sharing your fashionable thoughts on my last post. Happy Weekend!


  4. I really like all these outfits and I think your pretty little lace bag matches each of them perfectly! I especially love your pink cardigan with the small details!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂


  5. You look gorgeous Imogen. That was so kind of your Mother In Law. Your whole wardrobe is so colourful and filled with Alannah Hill. The bag is so beautiful and great thing it has a long strap. I am obsessed with bag that has long strap


  6. That bag really is adorable and girly, but I must say I adore your bows even more, especially when you wear your hair in a bun and pin it to the back! Great post, dear, that bag is very versatile – and thus useful!! It was a great gift.;)


  7. It is such a very cute handbag and it looks great in so many outfits ^^ I am a bit afraid to buy handbags with a certain print or special detail because I am convinced that they are hard to wear. You've just proved me wrong here! xo


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