Outfit: Florals & Embroidery


There’s so much to write about in terms of my outfit today; it’s one of those looks where I combined as much colour and pattern as I could just for the fun of it. My mint green heels are one of my most recent bargains and such a fantastic find. I adore the colour and I’ve been searching for shoes with a clear side panel for quite some time now. I saw them from Target and fell in love with them instantly. I was so surprised to find such amazing shoes in Target but then I realised that Target, in terms of fashion, has been a lot better than usual this year. With the introduction of the Gok collection, there have been many dresses, shoes and accessories I’ve liked in recent times. Upon wearing my new mint green heels to work the next day, I received so many compliments! I was so happy and felt touched when my dear friend from work later purchased the same shoes in the other colour. My ‘Dream a Little Dream’ Cardigan is from my wishlist which I posted here.  I bought it during the week in which it was part of the 50% sale at Alannah Hill (just the right time since it’s now selling for substantially more than I paid for it). The sweet little neck tie is a lovely detail, the embroidery is pretty and I adore the metallic flower applique (I just wish the little flowers were sewn on more tightly).  I’ve seen the ‘Bring Me Flowers Skirt’ on a couple of other blogs before (I think maybe Alannah Hill made a dress in this print too?). I found it on ebay and I was rather pleased to secure myself a special discounted piece. I love the colour scheme; there are a myriad of cardigans and tops I can pair it with. I loved the idea of wearing double florals in this look, can there ever be too many florals? No. Of course I incorporated into this look, the pride and joy of my Guess bag collection which I posted here. I like how complete my outfit feels when I include a Guess bag. The colour scheme is so unique and exciting! The addition of my yellow hair flower is somewhat random but why not? It’s consistent with my recent love of yellow. 

The Christmas holidays sure are close now (seriously, how did that happen?) I’m at work until half way through Christmas Eve. It’s quite a different experience for me. Since With all my many years of being a student, I would have already been on holidays for about a month by now. But that got very boring and, at times depressing, so I prefer being at work. Keeping busy is much better for me. I was much more organised with my shopping for the holiday season this year. Instead of being so last minute, I have completely finished and don’t have to tackle the shops this weekend (the one time of the year when tackle and shops should be used in the same sentence). I know I’m crazy for saying this but I’m actually going to miss work during my nine day break. It’s changed my life that much; meeting the most amazing people and having something productive to do during the day. The highlight of the holiday season so far has been attending so many work social events and being treated with such kindness and generosity by my co-workers. I’ve had the best couple of weeks and I am so grateful in every possible way.







Alannah Hill ‘Bring Me Flowers’ Skirt
Alannah Hill ‘Dream A Little Dream’ Cardigan
Kmart Hair Flower 
Guess Bag
Target Mint Heels
Butterfly Foundation Hope keyring via Sportsgirl
Pandora Bracelet 

Photos from: What I Wore Wednesday, Love Your Look, Style Sessions

85 thoughts on “Outfit: Florals & Embroidery

  1. Wauw you combine so much colour and patterns like you said (after I read that I was very curious to see the outfit haha) and I think it's a GREAT combination!!!! Maybe you can do a post with some lessons about combining because trust me when I would try this I would look like a clown:p


  2. What I love about your style is how your combine color and patterns and this has to one of of my favorite looks.

    It's amazing how sometimes work can be so fulfilling like it sounds like it's been for you . I hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your holiday break Imogen.

    Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet comment you left me. It's wonderfully supportive blogger friends like you that help me realize it's ok to open up.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


  3. I'm really surprised that Christmas and new year holidays are so close as well, time is running amazingly fast sometimes) I wonder, do you have snow at the place where you live? Is the nature always green and blooming over there?!
    I've got to say you look pretty and feminine,as always:) Cute outfit!
    Happy holidays to you!



  4. I totally agree and understand you! I am more organized and get more things done when I'm busy and need to schedule all my time! 🙂 Anyways, you look cute! I'm pretty much in love with the colors of your skirt.


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