Style Icon: Katy Perry

Katy Perry. She’s suchl a huge star at the moment! I love many of Katy Perry’s looks so I thought I’d show you my absolute favourites over the years. This posts has a focus on her outfits for red carpet events (other occasions and her costumes may well need their own post in the future). I haven’t liked all her red carpet gowns in the past; there certainly are a few which are simply not my style, so this is just a personal list. Let me know if there are any which you think I’ve missed.

The red velvet Dolce and Gabbana Dress blows my mind; it’s stunning and incredible beyond explanation. It is my dream dress.The same can be said about the Betsey Johnson gown in the last picture. it is the ultimate princess look. It’s was wonderful to see Katy wear the Oscar de la Renta dress to the American Music Awards this year. I was hoping to see a celebrity in it after posting about my love from the Oscar de la Renta New York Fashion Week here.

Now the song ‘Firework’ is stuck in my head.

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