New In: Guess Bag


I’ve mentioned on a number of ocassions that, this year in particular, I’ve developed a major obsession with Guess bags. In my dream world, I’d own a Guess bag in every colour and pattern (with a classic Chanel bag thrown in for good measure), so I could pair them with all of my outfits. I’ve accumulated a few Guess bags this year and there are a couple in particular that I have my eye on in Myer at the moment- a bright yellow bag and a quilted red bag! The Guess bag pictured below is the latest in my collection. I saved up for a number of weeks to buy this one; I’ve wanted it all year and it finally came on sale. I personally love these shades of purple and green together. It’s a really fresh and fun combination. I also like the texture, the shiny effect, the practical size and the zebra print lining. It’s definitely my favourite Guess bag and consequently, my favourite bag that I own. I took some outfit pictures on the weekend featuring this bag so you can see how I styled it soon. It also perfectly matches my hope keyring which I like to attach to whatever bag I’m using for the day. I’m trying to hold on to hope while enjoying my stylish bag.



Guess Mikelle Bag

59 thoughts on “New In: Guess Bag

  1. This colour combination on this bag is so different and lovely! And it suits your style to a tee, I love that you already had shoes to match 🙂


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