Outfit: Flower Crown & Sequins


The good news is that, despite the crazy weather, we are able to attend my husband’s work Christmas party on Saturday night. It looked really uncertain all day; with constant periods of sunshine followed by showers so I sure was happy once the rain decided to hold off for the evening. We had the best night; the highlights were the spectacular views and the unlimited free alcohol! I had a lot of trouble deciding what to wear. Although I have a number of pretty dresses, I tend to use them more as my everyday/ work wear. I like to feel as though I’m dressing up beyond that level when I have a special night out and I don’t have many formal/cocktail dresses (just my logic of overdressing). In the end this logic completely went out the window and I chose yet another floral fit and flare Review dress. Oh well! I was happy with my choice (and for once I dressed sensibly and wasn’t freezing cold all night on the boat) and I chose to maximise the accessories and sparkle in my outfit instead. Unfortunately the pictures don’t show them well but I decided to wear my wedding shoes. I’ve only worn them a few times but I just love getting additional use out of them beyond just their wedding purpose; it also adds a bit of glamour for a night time look. I also posted them here and here. While on the topic of sequins, I love to wear this cardigan and I think it adds so much to a look. I’ve had so much use out of it in the last year(I even couldn’t resist the temptation to wear it to work today; since when has the prospect of looking a little out of place in a staff meeting bothered me?). It sparkles so much in real life. I adore how the three types of sequins form a beautiful arrangement. The buttons are equally lovely. I’m pretty obsessed with flower crowns right now too.









Review Jardin Dress
Lovisa Flower Crown
Diva Earrings
Sigma Sequin Heels (my wedding shoes)
Alannah Hill ‘I Told Them Nothing’ Cardigan

76 thoughts on “Outfit: Flower Crown & Sequins

  1. Hi Imogen, glad you could go and had a great time. I like your outfit's choice, the cardigan and the shoes are just awesome, and you look beautiful! Happy weekend! xo


  2. I think it is great that you are getting more use out of your wedding shoes. Always such a shame when people spend so much money on something so beautiful and expensive as wedding attire only to wear it for a few hours. Great job incorporating these in to your look!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


  3. Oh my gosh, is this sequined cardi ever gorgeous…and a perfect pair-up with your floral party dress!! Bet you were the “belle of the ball” at your husband's Christmas party!! And I think it's great that you re-wear you wedding shoes…why should something so pretty stay hidden in a box?!


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