Cat Print

I love kitty cats! The concept of cat inspired clothes and accessories is nothing new in fashion, especially with the existence of the strikingly beautiful Charlotte Olympia Cat Flats. However, I’ve definitely noticed the increasing presence of kitty cat pieces in recent times. At the shops I constantly noticed a myriad of cat inspired shoes and cat ear headbands seem to be the latest trend too II really want to get one). This is wonderful- as far as I’m concerned, there can never be too many kitty cat pieces. While my collection is increasing, the one item I can never find is the perfect cat dress. I’m very fussy when it comes to cat dresses- I analyse aspects such as the size, shape, colour and facial detailing of the kitty cats which present themselves on clothing. I am also looking for a fit and flare style dress. After detailed analysis of the online world of fashion, I’ve found what I would consider to be the perfect cat dress. It’s hardly surprising that they are both from Modcloth- it’s always the place to go for that creative, quirky and unique piece. The Hooked on a Feline Dress is everything I look for in a cat dress- I love it how beautiful detailed cat faces completely cover the dress. It’s like an artwork. Unfortunately many sizes are currently sold out on the Modcloth website but I’ll certainly keep an eye out for this one. The Start Spreading the Mews Dress is simply the most creative dress ever. Covered in newspaper print, the dress features newspaper articles entirely about cats. Wow. What an idea!

Kitty Cat Dresses
Photos from Modcloth

Here are a few of my favourite kitty cat pieces. I thought it was rather fitting that I’m wearing my cat flats as I write this post about cats- I’ve worn them to work for the last two days and it’s certainly brightened the day a little. The Charlotte Olympia cat flats are a genius creation and perfect in every way. I especially love the gold detailing and the golden heel. I also adore the white tapestry version of the Charlotte Olympia cat flats. I saw them in David Jones in Sydney CBD earlier in the year and I was completely amazed by their incredibleness. They are my dream shoes. For awhile now, I’ve regarded kitty cat flats as an essential piece for fashionistas! I’m not suggesting we all own a genuine Charlotte Olympia pair- not exactly affordable for most of us. I think it’s fabulous how many alternative cat shoes are excellent takes on the original pair and how others have their own unique twist. For example, I love it how the pair below from Tuk via Modcloth are completely their own style- a fun take on a cat shoe. 

Another dress which I love at the moment is the white cat faced one, displayed below. It’s beautiful and fun and reminds me of my little white cat Juliette Princess Miracle. My sister Tori from the Polished Edge has this dress and it looks amazing on her. The perfect kitty cat cardigan is also somewhat difficult to find. My absolute favourite ever is the one pictured below which Alannah Hill produced a few seasons ago- I wish something like this would be released again. My sister Sara from The Polished Edge has this cardigan in black and white and I love borrowing it; I hope I can again soon. In terms of cat themed bags, there are so many options. My favourite is the combination of detailed bold cat print (much the same as the first Modcloth dress I wrote about) with a tapestry effect. If anyone knows where I can buy a cat print bag of said description, then let me know! What a treasure that would be. I love cat accessories in all forms- jewellery, bags, brooches, hair accessories, umbrellas…I just love the juxtaposition between the cats and the rain! Are you a fan of cat print?

Kitty Cats

Photos from: Forever 21, Charlotte Olympia, Tuk, Macys, Charlotte Russe, Dangerfield, Alannah Hill, ACJade

76 thoughts on “Cat Print

  1. This is really cute!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend and have a relaxing time 🙂 Somehow I missed that you have a new job. Is it a nice one? Are you happy with it? Hope you don't work too much :)!?

    Lots of love!


  2. Oh my, these cat-printed items are SO adorable! *_* Thought I classify myself as more of a dog-lover, I can't resist an adorable kitty! <3

    I am adoring the retro look to these items… just perfect! 🙂

    I'm your newest follower… looking forward to connecting with you! 🙂



  3. I love kitty cat print!!! In fact I'm wearing my cat face jumper as I type this haha! I'm definitely a cat person 😀 Ohhh and I love modcloth! I wish I bought more things from them :]
    You picked out some great pieces! Loved seeing your choices!


  4. I really love all the different cat shoes! I've noticed lots and lots of cat items on eBay too. I only have one dress which I got second hand in Tokyo, and then I wanted to buy a Choo Choo cat magazine and bag, but then decided against it, which I now regret. :/


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