Outfit: Sailor Moon


For so many years I’ve wanted a sailor dress; it was that one piece I desperately wanted to add to my collection of dresses but simply could not find. That is until, earlier in the year, I spotted this adorable sweet sailor dress in Dangerfield. Trust Dangerfield to have that fun and quirky little dress I was looking for. I can’t begin to explain my excitment when I saw this dress and instantly, I knew it had to come home with me. It was everything I’d been searching for; I’ve always prefered sailor dresses in navy blue with red and white accessories. I love the little tie bow, the white detailing and the collar. Since I purchased it in the colder weather, this weekend was the first time I had the chance to wear it! That was a lovely addition to my weekend. My polka dot heels which I posted here, seemed like the obvious choice to pair with my sailor dress. As much as I adore these fabulous shoes, initially I wasn’t sure how about their versatility. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The myriad of dresses I’ve found to pair with these shoes has been incredible! I love them with my sailor dress to introduce some pattern and another dimension to the look. A red hair accessory was a clear addition to this outfit. I’ve had this bag for a number of years and I totally forgot I even owned it. It was such a surprise when I found it the other day; I don’t have any other bags this colour so that makes it an even better. Isn’t it just the best when you rediscover items that you havent worn/used in an extremely long time? I remember how much I loved this bag a couple of years ago and I waited until it was on sale and brought it for the bargain price of $5. I love the quilted design too. 

Sailor Moon Inspired Outfit

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my outfit is inspired by Sailor Moon. A number of months ago I posted a nautical outfit here, which attracted many comments on its similarity with Sailor Moon; I hadn’t even thought of Sailor Moon when I put that outfit together but definitely saw it as a compliment. This time, I most certainly created the look with Sailor Moon in mind. I, along with my sister and my cousin, was a huge fan; it was my favourite show at one point. I thought about the key elements which would make an outfit sailor moon inspired – a sailor dress, nautical colour scheme, sailor collar, red hair accessories and red and white shoes. This is how my outfit came together. As you may already know, I enjoy dressing up in character inspired outfits. You can see my Snow White inspired look here






Dangerfield Drunken Sailor Dress
Rhoda Kitten Heels 

Kmart Hair Flower

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162 thoughts on “Outfit: Sailor Moon

  1. I am so glad you found the dress
    you wanted, and yes, sometimes we forget we have some accessories or even some clothes and shoes 🙂 You look very sweet and beautiful, you always do! I apologize that I didn't come here earlier, I was out of (even my) blogs for some weeks, now I am back! denisesplanet com


  2. Oh man this sailor dress is absolutely perfect! I just love that shade of blue! I have a really similar sailor dress in white and now I wish mine was blue. I definitely see the Sailor Moon resemblance too. This is adorable!


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