Challenge: Modcloth Style Uniquely You

Last week I was invited by Modcloth to participate in the Uniquely You Campaign Style Challenge. I, along with a number of other bloggers, was provided with an image of the lovely Sacremeto Style Skirt and were asked to create a set entirely based on items currently sold on the Modcloth website. The decision to participate was simple- Modcloth is my favourite ever site and I’d love an opportunity to participate with them. I was happy to find out that the item we were challenged to style was such a fun piece and one which I’d genuinely love to wear myself. I had a few different ideas in mind for my polyvore set. I was considering going all out in terms of embracing the vibrant colours featured in the skirt.But I also wanted to choose a less obvious option. I thought black and white was the perfect option because it is classy nd stylish while allowing the skirt to be the main feature of the outfit. I certainly didn’t want to detract from the central feature of this style challenge. I hope I was also successful at incorporating both a vintage and quirky vibe. How sweet, adorable and perfect is this bag. I so want it.

Modcloth Style Challenge

I styled the skirt with the following pieces from Modcloth:
Gallery Opener Heel in Black
Fine and Sandy Blazer in Grass
Collect Calls Bag
>Practice Your Scales Belt
Wednesday I’m in Love Top
RSVPerfect Earrings in Black  
Real Bow-Getter Headband

48 thoughts on “Challenge: Modcloth Style Uniquely You

  1. What a fun and quirky outfit! I think the skirt is beautiful and I would wear the shoes every day of my life, I'm sure. That bag is what amazes me most, it is so out there and brings such charm with it!


  2. Congrats on the Modcloth collab! The combination that you chose is very you—from the colors to the beautiful feminine pieces. I especially love the bag and the earrings on top.



  3. Ohh I want that pretty skirt an chic green blazer, excellent outfit! Thanks for your visit…I am currently away and will be back to blogging on Friday.


  4. Imogen,
    The green goes so well with the black, doesn't it? I love the black blouse with the white collar, and that purse is adorable. You always find the cutest styles.

    Have a happy day.



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