Outfit: Red, White & Blue


For the last few years this has been one of my go to outfits when I don’t know what to wear. It features a few of my most reliable and favourite pieces. This dress truly represents my style: I adore polka dots, they are the absolute best ever. The dress is from Bardot, which used to be one of my favourite stores. Now I never shop there because the style has changed so much. It used to be far more girly and classic. It’s still a good shop; I know so many people that love Bardot but it’s just not me anymore. I treasure all my older clothes from Bardot. I love to pair this dress with a myriad of different coloured shoes and accessories; it is very versatile. One day when I’m feeling brave I think I’ll try some pattern mixing; my dress would provide an excellent basis for that. For me, red is the most obvious choice to pair with this dress. I wear this cardigan with anything and everything (see my remix post here). I thought it would be fun to style the look with double polka dots. As soon as I purchased these amazing shoes from Florsheim (featured here), I thought it would be cool to style them with this particular dress and my almost matching polka dot hair bow. I believe little ideas and detailing such as this can add so much to an outfit to take it to the next level. Now the warmer weather is arriving, I can resume wearing my vintage style cat eye sunglasses I love them so much. As I was thinking about the individual pieces to this outfit, I realised that my mother in law bought me so many of them- the dress, hair bow and amazing unique sunglasses. How lovely! My lip bag which I received courtesy of OASAP is making yet another appearance; I’m getting so much use out of it. It’s so wonderful to receive a products which genuinely reflects my style. I haven’t hadd the chance to take outfit pictures for a little while so these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago. Next outfit post will be with my new Marc Jacobs mouse flats which I featured here.

I’m so relieved it is the weekend. I’ve never needed a weekend more in my entire working life (although my full time working life has only been four months). Although my new job is going well and is relatively easy and stress free in comparison to my previous position, the hours are killing me. This week has been particularly bad; no matter how much sleep I’ve had I can’t get used to leaving the house at 7am. I’m exhausted for the entire day. Ive felt extremely unwell too; I don’t know what wrong with me. There are random pains everywhere and I feel so weak. It has been a struggle to be at work spend so much time travelling on buses feeling like way. I wished I could have had some days off but I currently have a contract role, I get paid by the hour, so I did my very best to put on a brave face and stick it out. I’m pleased with  myself for getting through the week. I hope it makes me stronger. I think I just need a good rest. That’s enough of my complaining. Here’s to a relaxing and restful weekend. 

At first I thought I wouldn’t have much to write about this outfit but it’s turned out to be one of my longer posts. My phone cover is almost identical in pattern to my shoes; I always forgot to include it as an accessory in my posts!


P1110990 copy


P1110999 copy


Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan
Florsheim Rhoda Kitten Heels
Bardot Polka Dot Dress
Alannah Hill Hair Bow
Vintage Style Sunglasses
Lip Shape Bag c/o OASAP

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87 thoughts on “Outfit: Red, White & Blue

  1. Imogen,
    I love the red lips purse, it' so cute! I've always like RED in fashion, especially in the winter months. Your sweater is lovely. You are all decked out and ready to go.

    I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season as much as I am, my friend.



  2. Yes, remember to take some time to relax! It's such a shame that there is so much travelling time and I know I'd find that a little frustrating too. Take it easy lovely! ❤ xxx


  3. You look amazing, dear Imogen. Love polka dots too, they are absolute love for me …. It's so beautiful that your mother do all these gifts to you, it shows that she appreciates you, so pretty. Happy week, darling


  4. Your outfit is stunning! You always look so put together and classy :] I love it! Ohhh and I love cat eye sunglasses too! I hope you can catch up on sleep! 7am is so early and I know how you feel… I'm definitely not a morning person! I have a hard to getting to work by 9 am. Hopefully your body starts adjusting to your new schedule!


  5. Well, I'm super fan of polka dots, therefore I'm completely into what you said about “I adore polka dots, they are the absolute best ever”. Couldn't agree more 🙂 and polka dot + red are always a classic combo. Oh and I hope you are feeling better by now. I'm aware how boring it is to wake up that early, but you'll see that once you take a little break from everything and you rest a little, you'll feel better, stronger and healthier 🙂


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