Remix: Yellow Heels

Since these have been  one of my favourite and most popular pair of shoes this year,I thought it was only fair to dedicate an entire post to them! I’ve worn these shoes six times on my blog and probably about a million times in total so it’s about time they become the subject of a remix post. I even wore them to work today. My sister bought me these shoes last Christmas. Last year I admired, and often borrowed, a  pair of my sister’s yellow heels so she bought me my very own pair. It was so thoughtful and exciting. They add so much to a look; they have such a summery feel and really make the colours to an outfit pop. I adore pairing them with yellow accessories such as my hair flower and clutch bag. I like to highlight the yellow in my dresses and cardigans. I’d wear these with almost any of my outfit. There isn’t much more to say about my shoes other than I LOVE them and they are perfect.


47 thoughts on “Remix: Yellow Heels

  1. I can see why you love those shoes so much… they're simply striking! I just adore the toe cap and the bright color. I thinking it's pretty darn amazing that you're able to wear them in so many different ways–they don't seem like they'd be super versatile, but you propved us wrong!

    Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend!


  2. great! love how you pull together this many outfits with yellow shoes, I've got ones too but I haven't used them that much! My favorite is the last one, it's amazing how yellos stands up with light blue, cute!

    Also, thanks for passing by my blog and leave a comment, I'd love to follow each other if you want <3


    Rock and bows


  3. It's remarkable how easy you can remix these shoes. In my wardrobe, they probably wouldn't work, but they go perfectly with all your colorful dresses and tops! xo


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