Outfit: Red Peter Pan Collar


This has been one of my favourite and most reliable dresses over the years and one which I know a few other bloggers own too (including my beautiful friend Jamie from Petite Panoply). I first posted it here (and for those of you who’ve asked if I ever have a different hairstyle, here is proof that I did once upon a time). I just love the feeling of wearing a dress for the first time in a particular season; it’s only recently been warm enough to wear this so it almost feels like a new dress. I call this my ‘Annie dress’ and these are my ‘Minnie Mouse’ shoes’ as many of you pointed out in my post here; Annie and Minnie Mouse make an obvious combination, surely?! I have a number of red and white shoes so I’ve always been lucky with matching shoes to this dress. Isn’t the peter pan collar on this dress the loveliest finish too? For some reason I always pair my union jacket handbags with this particular dress; I like to wear small amounts of different patterns in an outfit. As much as I adore this bag, I do wish it would actually fit my phone. In other news…I’m starting a new job tomorrow. I couldn’t be happier to have an opportunity so soon as leaving my previous job; even though I was only unemployed for a week and a half between jobs I was so bored and felt rather negative about life again. I still miss my other job and it will always have a special place in my heart. The only downside to my new job is that I’ll be spending about 15 hours a week on the bus (I used to think 10 hours a week at my last job was a lot) so I’m definitely relying on you to keep me entertained during that time. I’ll use the time to catch up on your blogs and write my posts.







Modcloth ‘Polite and Day’ Dress
Kmart Hair Flower
Florsheim Rhoda Kitten Heels
Dangerfield Bag
Kitty Cat EarringsΒ 

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80 thoughts on “Outfit: Red Peter Pan Collar

  1. Oh, well done! I hope you really enjoy your new job. 15 hours does seem like a lot but maybe you could plan some blog posts or do some reading to pass the time! ❀ xxx


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