Collection: Oscar de la Renta

I’m a little behind the rest of the fashion world when it comes to posting about New York Fashion Week. I rarely post about such events or runway fashion because I generally find catwalk displays unwearable and somewhat irrelevant to my personal style. However, there are occassionally collections which capture my attention and this was most certainly the case with Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014. I’m particularly drawn to the ruffles, vibrant colours, bold patterns and beautiful silhouettes. I adore the embroidery work, the eyelet detailing, full skirts, contrasting heels, the colour scheme (including my recent favourite colour of duck egg blue), the bright coloured flowers and the lovely materials. The colour pallette makes me long to own a beautiful bright yellow dress with a 1950s silhouette; it would be perfect for the warmer weather we’re having here at the moment. 

What is your opinion on the Oscar de la Renta collection? 











See Oscar de la Renta

52 thoughts on “Collection: Oscar de la Renta

  1. Oscar De La Renta does really know how to make women look beautiful. I find his gown and suits very feminine and wearable. As you said, some of the catwalk outfits are just something that is not practical or we wouldn't wear but this one is amongst the few creates collection that an everyday women or a girl can wear


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