Current Loves

I’m so impressed with the beautiful spring fashions this year; in fact there’s never been a time when I’ve been more in love with what I’ve seen in the shops. I particularly adore the collections at Review and Alannah Hill; they are so adorable. I love the fun designs, the stunning colour combinations and the pretty materials. In my opinion, they are just perfect in every way.

Review Dresses: Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to love Review dresses more than I already do, I was introduced to the Candy Bloom Collection. I adore the colour mixes and I admire some of the more unique patterns in additional to the stunning spring florals. I wish I could own every single piece. My absolute favourites are the Sophina Dress and the Jardin Dress which are shown below. 

Alannah Hill Cardigans: as usual I’m pretty amazed by the current range of Alannah Hill cardigans. My current favourite is the Baby, Baby, Chips and Gravy Cardigan because of the lovely lilac shade. I don’t own a purple cardigan, despite purple being one of the most fabulous colours ever. It’s a great light weight for the warmer months and the sparkles are a beautiful finish. 

Guess Bags:  In recent times I’ve developed a true love for Guess bags. It must be the influence of my sister in law Sara. There’s something indescribable and special about carrying a Guess bag which makes my outfit feel complete. Guess has utilised some pretty fresh colours this season; the pinks, whites and fun patterns are so inspiring and appropriate for the exciting warmer weather. While the clothes and jewellery in Guess are often not my style (with here as a exception), the bags and wallets have fast become my weakness.

Heart Sunglasses: I’ve seen so many around the blogging world that I wanted a pair too. I just purchased a pink pair from ebay and I am patiently waiting for them to arrive.   What a bargain….I think they were only$1.50.

Florsheim Shoes: I am totally obsessed with Florsheim shoes right now. I’ve always overlooked Florsheim for women’s shoes; I previously only associated the store with men’s shoes or relatively conservative women’s shoes but I was so wrong. I randomly visited the store a few weeks ago and was pretty amazed by the realm of incredible treasures. These red and white polka dot heels are my dream shoes. I need them! They come in black and white; I truly adore the beautiful shiny exterior also.  

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    Have a most wonderful weekend and look forward instead of being sad about what happend 🙂



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