Outfit: Duck Egg Blue Coat

In follow up to my previous posts here and here,I thought it was about time I posted these photos featuring my wonderful duck egg blue coat with cat print lining. I’m still completely in love with the gorgeous colour and it’s beautifully warm for those early mornings and late nights traveling to and from work. The buttons are so sweet too. The collar is one of the most unique and pretty features; I adore large collars so this aspect undoubtedly stands out to me. I’ve already written about this piece here so for now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…Thanks for your lovely comments about my coat collection. That is the extent of it; unfortunately I don’t have any additional treasures hidden away!







P1110439 Alannah Hill ‘The Secret of Secrets Coat’
Spark Jewelry
Zu Heels
Equip Long Diamante Clip 

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49 thoughts on “Outfit: Duck Egg Blue Coat

  1. You look amazing. Great outfit. I really like the shoes ;p Pretty^^
    I have a request … Vote for my photo in the contest? I will be grateful. Links to my blog;-)
    Thank you very much^^
    Have a nice day, kisses ;*



  2. i didn't notice the collar on this coat when you posted it before, it has an awesome back collar (i'm sure there is some word for that that I'm vaguing out on right now)
    pretty scarf too imogen! you know, you are one of the only aussie blogs I follow… i should get more into the aus blogging community before i get back there to live in november. hmmm.


  3. I'm just enamored with this coat. Every time you show it, I fall in love with it more and more! I swear this is the most enviable coat I've ever seen. You're soooo lucky to have this coat! I sound insane, but I really do love this coat so much! lol

    Life of Mabel


  4. It's official, Imogen. You are a fabulous chic character out of a movie!! I want to be you!! This coat is so gorgeous. I'm in awe of it. I love that powder blue color. And those yellow heels. Sigh. Perfection. ❤


  5. Yes, I read the posts about the coat, and I am also in love with it! As soon as I travel next month I will visit the site again and try to find something as lovely as your coat! The site is lovely! You look gorgeous, you look very happy and elegant! Well done! denisesplanet com


  6. I'm totally in love with that coat and neck beautiful too .. no wonder you love it, great outfit! I'm jealous that you look so comfortable with those adorable shoes … Happy weekend, dear friend.


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