Midnight Blue

I love midnight blue as an alternative to black at the moment. It’s a colour I’ve overlooked up until this point but it really is very classy, sophisticated and classic. I’m drawn to midnight blue because it’s a good option for me to wear to work. As I said before, my personal style and love of bold colours and patterns doesn’t exactly align with the fact that I have degrees in commerce and law and am working in those areas. From being a student, I’m so used to wearing exactly what I want whenever I want and I didn’t desire to give that up entirely when I entered the workforce. So instead of dressing in conservative corporate wear, I tend to wear my usual style but in darker colours. For example, the outfit I posted here is what I wore on my first day. I also have a dark dress with a white peter pan collar and I like to wear my navy blue cardigan over a polka dot dress. As time goes on, I’m sure I’ll push the boundaries more and more because lets face it; dressing in beautiful clothes will increase my motivation to go to work! Midnight blue pieces can make such a statement too; I’m especially coveting those Christian Louboutins. Oh wow they are incredible!

Midnight Blue

Photos from: George, Alannah Hill, Boticca.com, Tarina Tarantino, Christian Louboutin, Market86.com
What are your thoughts on midnight blue?

43 thoughts on “Midnight Blue

  1. I generally dont wear midnight blue and gonfir black.. But tes i fo agree uts a very good substitute for black..,
    I use to wear it a lot when i was working full time, it gives a veryprofessional feel without looking boring…
    Loved the dress with white collars, i have similar polka dot material but in shorts.. The carduan us so pretty, wearing it in top if any dress can give a look a smart prefessional feel..
    Keep in touch,


  2. Midnight blue is a lovely colour. One of the things I love about it is that it can be can styled so nicely with different contrasting outfit pieces in white, pink or yellow. All of the blue fashion pieces pictured are lovely. I like the polka-dots, the cardigan, the lacy white collar, the bows, flower and earrings.


  3. Midnight blue/navy is actually my FAVORITE color to wear! That being said, I love all these picks, especially that dress with the collar. Navy is such a classic color!


  4. I love navy and midnight blue, and it's a colour I often wear for work too. I just invested in a new pair of navy wool trousers in anticipation of Winter in the UK 🙂 xx


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