Outfit: Hearts & Ruffles


On the weekend I traveled down to the Southern Highlands for my cousin’s 21st birthday party (which was also the location of our wedding (see photos here and here). This is the outfit I wore on Saturday; I’ve been saving this dress for an event for quite sometime. In follow up to my post here about my love of heart print, I’ve been looking forward to showing you this dress. It’s so difficult to find a dress with such a bold heart print; this was a bargain. New with tags, I purchased it on eBay for a fraction of the original price. It’s actually a very versatile dress. I even wore it to work (obviously without the sequin cardigan). I like the colour of the cardigan with the dress and sequins are always a winner, right!? I’ve had this cardigan for years, I can’t believe I’ve never posted it on my blog before. My shoes and coat are both new purchases. The sales have been so amazing lately; these shoes were only a third of the original retail price. I’ve never owned white heels before so it’s exciting. I bought my coat from the Alannah Hill factory outlet. This is my main tip for acquiring Alannah Hill clothes at half price. Alannah Hill pieces are so timeless and classic that it doesn’t matter if this coat, for example, is from last winter’s collection. I adore this coat; the buttons and the detailing are so beautiful and girly; I’ve rarely seen anything so pretty! I’ve always been drawn to red coats too.


As I mentioned in my last post, blush is my new best friend. Why didn’t I discover this before!? A few people have asked which one I’m using; it’s physician’s formula which you can find here. I chose this particular blush because the whole physicians formula range has the sweetest packaging. As it turns out, I couldn’t be happier with my blush; just goes to show that decision making based entirely on pretty packaging can pay off.

I’ve decided to implement a budget in relation to my spending on clothes and shoes. I’ll be starting this week. I’m so lucky with the opportunities I’ve been given in relation to work, I don’t want to waste it on my clothing addiction. For the first time ever I want to be sensible about savings because I’m starting to see a future for myself, all because of work. When I do buy clothes, within budget, I’ll probably feel less guilty about it, so it’s all good! Full time work also, to an extent, distracts me from the constant desire to go shopping and to spend money.

Have a wonderful week!









Alannah Hill ‘I Cannot Love’ Coat
Alannah Hill ‘Secret Whispers’ Dress
Alannah Hill ‘I Told them Nothing’ Cardigan
Wittner ‘Layne’ Heels
Diva Earrings
Equip Hair Clip

What I Wore Wednesday

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