Collection: My Vintage Vogue 1960s

It’s time for another post on vintage fashion from one of my all time favourite websites My Vintage Vogue. For those who don’t know My Vintage Vogue is a popular archive of fashion displaying models, designers and photographs from the 1920s to the 1960s.  It is such an inspirational site and all the looks are incredibly pretty, classy, feminine and dressy. The collection is extensive and very impressive; it’s a rather fitting and beautiful tribute to previous decades. I love the variety when it comes to 1960s fashion. As I’m sure you know, my favourite decade of fashion is undoubtedly the 1950s and I love how the 1960s draws inspiration from the 50s. I also like it how a myriad of completely different trends have their origins in the 1960s. I have a couple of pencil dresses which I’m looking forward to wearing in the warmer weather. I adore the bright colours and the bold patterns in so many of these photos. These photos speak for themselves. In case you missed it, my post on 1950s fashion is located here.


Photos from My Vintage Vogue

80 thoughts on “Collection: My Vintage Vogue 1960s

  1. I didnt know about that site! Love browsing vintages photos, they are always so inspiring!:) The 50s were great, love pencil dresses as well!:) Kisses! xo


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