Outfit: Ballerina Print


It was wonderful to have the opportunity to take some outfit pictures on the weekend because I’ve wanted to show you these pieces for awhile now. I also have a set of photos with my new light blue coat which I’ll post soon. For now I’ll leave you with a preview featuring the fabulous kitty cat print lining. As we all know I have a rather extensive cardigan collection (since I find Alannah Hill cardigans irresistible), but of all my cardigans this is probably the most unique. I’ve rarely seen anything so pretty, delicate and original. The sweet little ballerinas are beautiful, as are the exquisite buttons. I like to think the rest of my outfit displays subtle elements of the ballerina theme through my signature hairstyle and my skater skirt. In accordance with my recent love for both yellow and duck egg blue, I thought it would be fun to style this cardigan in a way which brings out those colours. My outfit seemed completely transformed when I highlighted the yellow by wearing these amazing heels.They have proven to be one of the most popular items in my wardrobe, ever since my sister bought them for me last Christmas (posted here). My lovely earrings which I received courtesy of Spark Jewelry complement my cardigan. I’m very happy with these statement earrings and I intend to wear them on multiple occasions. I’ll probably wear this outfit, in its entirety, to work on Friday. I’m finding that my wardrobe fits so well with te workplace; and if there is ever an outfit which excessively pushes the boundaries, I’ll save it for casual Fridays.


Work is going well. It has changed my whole life in the best possible way. It’s provided me with positivity and life direction, and self belief that I’ve so desperately been lacking for many years. I’m so lucky to have found this particular job: I never expected to like it this much. Even though a life involving work, travel and sleep is exhausting, it is all worth it. There is still a lot to learn but this is the most motivated I’ve felt for years. I’ve never been more grateful for an opportunity in my entire life; it means the world to me. I’ll write about my job more in up coming posts, but for now I must have some sleep. Goodnight all!








Alannah Hill ‘Do A Little Dance Violet!’ Cardigan
‘Stealing Your Heart Clutch’ c/o Alannah Hill
Alannah Hill ‘The Secret of Secrets Coat’
Earrings c/o Spark Jewelry
Zu Heels
Dangerfield Skirt
Coco Land Scarf
Equip Long Diamante Clip 

What I Wore Wednesday

88 thoughts on “Outfit: Ballerina Print

  1. Yes, the cardi is so delicate! I liked the way you wore it, with those amazing shoes and pretty skirt! The new coat is so sweet – such a lovely color indeed! I am glad you found your path in life, it's so important and I must confess… I am still looking for mine!


  2. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so gorgeous and your outfit so absolutely stunning and elegant! Love the cardigan!

    Have the best day ever,


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