Outfit: Florals & Rich Tones


My Review floral ‘picnic’ dress is another recent purchase from the end of season sale; which I must say was a pretty incredible sale with many pieces discounted to 65-70% off the original retail price. By the time this dress was discounted (and I had a $25 Review gift voucher), it cost only $50 which is simply incredible given the top quality of Review dresses. It will be great for summer since it is sleeveless, has a lovely structured shape and features the sweetest cutout back. I love the bright floral pattern; it’s becoming one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve worn it to work with a black cardigan and black flats, and these photos show the way I’ve worn it on the weekends. I also can’t wait for spring because I’ll wear my lighter weight yellow cardigan which I posted here with my amazing yellow heels which I posted here. There are so many colourful flowers that the possibilities for accessorising are endless. As for my shoes, I love the colour and ruffles! Everyone needs a pair of pink flats! I had a random picture from my instagram account of these shoes so I thought it was relevant to include it in this post. Thanks to so many of you who reminded me that my blue coat was a worthwhile purchase, somewhat reminiscent of an investment.


Thank you for your comments on my post here about work; I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and having an interest in my life. It’s great to have so many friends that understand. The good news is that I’ve finished my temporary job at the law firm so I can just focus on the one job. But the pressure is on; I really want to make a career from my investment management job. I’ll write more about it in time. Here’s to new beginnings. I’ve received a few comments about my dedication to blogging in combination with working full time now. I’m going to do my very best to keep up with it. This year, while I was unemployed for months, blogging was one of the only aspects that kept me going; when I felt isolated from the world and like my life was pointless, I committed myself to blogging even more than ever. It’s always been a significant part of my life but during those months I made it even more of a project and purpose for my life. Thanks for helping me through that time; I’ll make sure I stay around!






Review Picnic Dress
Alannah Hill ‘My Crushing Crush’ Cardigan
Wittner Floris Flats
Laura Jones Bag
Lovisa Earrings
Equip Bow Necklace  

What I Wore Wednesday

98 thoughts on “Outfit: Florals & Rich Tones

  1. What a pretty summer dress! It has such a wonderful 1950s vibe to it with the full skirt and floral print – and you styled it beautifully, I just love your flats 🙂


  2. I love this skirt and I love what you wrote about how blogging kept you moving on and everything! I actually started blogging in a time where I felt quite isolated and lonely (I just moved to a new city) and it really helped me feeling better and getting more self-esteem 🙂


  3. The dress is just gorgeous! So exciting that you got it for such a great deal! Love the pattern, great for mixing with so many colors! I totally hear you about working and blogging can be difficult. I just make time when I can as I really enjoy it even though I work full time too! You will find a good balance between them both!



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