New In: Duck Egg Blue Coat


Recently I was a very very naughty girl and bought a rather expensive item- the Alannah Hill ‘Secret of Secrets Coat’ which I wrote about here. Ever since I posted my winter coats wishlist, I’ve been even more fixated on this item; although I initially preferred the pink coat from this year’s Alannah Hill collection, the overwhelming amount of comments I received on that post which favoured the ‘Secret of Secrets’ coat made me changed my mind. I wasn’t intending to buy it (isn’t that always the case?!) because I’ve acquire a few too many new coats in recent times; always justifying this by the fact that I’ll need them for the early mornings in the city (not too sure how many times that constitutes a valid excuse). While browsing the Alannah Hill website; during the brief period in which there were 50% off coats and jackets, the Secret of Secrets Coat somehow made its way into my shopping cart and then days later it arrived at my apartment…oh dear! It’s even more stunning in person; definitely one of the most gorgeous items I’ve ever owned. I’m sure it comes as no surprise, after all my recent posts, that I’m drawn to the colour. I adore the oversized collar, the stunning buttons and the gorgeous detailing. The shape is so unique and girly. It’s also predominately wool, with some cashmere composition, so its warm, comfortable and soft to wear. What could be better than the kitty cat lining?




‘Secret of Secrets’ Coat

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