Outfit: Monochrome & Pink


Over the last couple of weeks my life has changed dramatically because I’ve joined the workforce. I’m currently working two jobs; three days a week as a temporary office administrator and paralegal (I’m replacing an employee who is on annual leave), and two days a week in the investment management department of a large organisation. It takes some getting used to with the long days, structured hours and routine, lengthy bus trips into the city and actually being awake in the mornings (I was used to sleeping until midday most days for the five years I was at university). But work is certainly better than the alternatives of being a student or experiencing unemployment; the opportunity to build confidence in the workplace and feel as though I’m being productive and undertaking worthwhile activities, outweighs the anxiety I still feel about such a new environment. Also the concept of actually being paid is great (obviously!). To think that as a student I completed much more boring tasks and often put in longer hours for no remuneration makes any paid employment seem like such a bonus. The workforce really changes the way I look at the world. It makes me value small aspects of life much more; for example, I love lazy days at home right now whereas previously I would have been so bored. That’s not to say I love everything about this lifestyle because I’m still getting used to it. I am continually exhausted; the commuting is really tiring me out. I also feel rather lonely being away in the big city for so much of the week; I’m still new so I’m yet to make friends, although in saying this I do feel more connected with the world compared to when I was unemployed.  I also have much less time for blogging. I am so tired that I can only write posts on the weekends, and I get home after dark so weekday outfit pictures never happen anymore. However, since I spend almost 10 hours a week on buses, I use the time productively to read other blogs and reply to comments. I often do the same during lunch breaks. It’s a little treat I have to look forward to at certain intervals of the day. When I feel lonely, I simply go to my phone and you, my wonderful friends, are with me helping me through this transition phase of my life. It makes such a difference. I love starting my day replying to comments on the bus on my way to work; it’s a positive way to ease myself into the day. I’ll have a lot more to say about work in my future posts. 

I’ve had a few request to show you outfits I wear to work. For the months leding up to my employment I often wondered how this would work out since my love for bold patterns and bright colours doesn’t traditionally align with the fact that I have degrees in law and commerce- accounting. I’ve been determined to incorporate my usual style as much as possible because let’s face it; dressing up in exciting outfits increases my motivation to go to work! When in doubt I tend to wear my usual outfits but in darker colour scheme. The outfit I posted here ; is a typical example (although I’d usually wear a smaller hair accessory). See here and here (minus the fan clutch bag and the butterfly hair clip) for other outfits I’ve worn to work. In saying that, I started my employment with absolutely no “traditional” work clothes; I didn’t even have a pair of plain black heels. Therefore, I have purchased a couple of items just for work in case there are days where I need to look particularly professional and to potentially counteract days where I do excessively stretch the dress code. This is one such outfit, featuring my new dress from Review.  The peter pan collar, the contrasting black and white; I am so in love with this dress. It was such a lucky coincidence that I owned shoes that perfectly match this dress (they’ve been such versatile shoes over the years). I also purchased this Guess bag which is exciting because it is my first one ever. Purchasing this bag was a necessity in my option and I didn’t even have one professional looking bag; I’ll be getting so much use out of it too.  Overall I’ve been pleasantly surprised; my outfits are much more suited to the work place than I initially thought.






I’m also getting a lot of use out of my coats and my scarf collection on the early morning buses.


Review Coat
Review Dress
Wittner ‘Gloria’ Heels
‘Guess ‘Madaket Carryall’ Bag
Equip Bow Necklace
Equip Long Diamante Hair Clip 
Lovisa Pearl Earrings
Coco Land scarf  

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111 thoughts on “Outfit: Monochrome & Pink

  1. This dress is so pretty!!!

    It can be very hard finding hard to blog and work at the same time. I usually do 2 or 3 outfit posts at a time so I can post them if I know I won't get chance during the week. It's great you can reply to comments on the bus and on your lunch! I always get really frustrated doing it from my phone. Congrats on getting work – many people find it hard in this day and age!

    Corinne x


  2. I shoot, edit and post my blog posts all on the same day which can be pretty stressful! I work and am at uni so I know how you feel! haha, its so great to see you keeping it up though 🙂 Cute outfit! x


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