Heart Print

There are a few prints which I often say should exist more; cat print, heart print, star print and unicorn print are just a few examples. Today I thought I’d focus on heart print; I love everything heart related from heart cut outs to heart shaped sunglasses to heart themed home wares. It is such an incredibly fun and adorable print. I know that heart cut out dresses made an appearance some time ago but it is heart printed dresses that I believe are the most difficult to find. In contrast heart shaped sunglasses actually seem to be frequently available and I must get myself a pair! Despite the overall lack of heart printed items in the shops, I looked through my wardrobe and realised that at least I have a few heart print items, more than I initially thought. I posted my heart cut out dress here and my heart print cardigan here. Right now I feel inspired to wear these pieces again and the other heart print items which I am yet to show on my blog. I just remembered that I had a go at one of those DIY wildfox couture jumpers awhile ago too. I also bought heart shaped picture frames for our apartment which I’ve been planning to show you for awhile now. More heart print will be making its way to my blog soon.

Heart Print

Photos from: Rickety Rack, Wildfox Couture, River Island, Forever 21, Yes Style, Betsey Johnson, Aspinal of London, Tarina Tarantino, Forever New, Zero UV, Vera Wang, Alannah Hill, Ravi Famous, Modcloth

What do you think of heart print?

100 thoughts on “Heart Print

  1. i LOVE this post- mainly because you posted heart shaped sunnies, haha! oh how i've been hunting for a pair but so far i've only found them online. i think i'm finally going to have to bite the bullet and just buy them. also, LOVE the peplum top 🙂

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  2. Ohhh I love heart print! I've always wanted a heart cutout dress but have yet to find one I really love and can't live without! And this year I got my first pair of heart sunglasses- super cute! You should def get a pair. Hautelook just had their wildfox clearance sale last month and I managed to grab a heart shaped beach jumper. Yay hearts! Can't wait to see what else you put together with your heart inspiration you've got going here! Have a lovely weekend 😀


  3. It's all cute ! But imagine if someone were to wear heart print dress, heart print heels carrying a heart print bag and wearing a pair of heart shape shades with a heart print umbrella on hand. I guess it will be super awkward and probably ended up like a comedian!


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