Outfit: Blue Tartan


I’ve been looking forward to showing you my Alannah Hill ‘Her Diamond Love Coat’ for quite some time now. With the colder weather at the moment, I’m wearing it frequently so I thought it was about time my wonderful and exciting coat was featured on my blog. This is undoubtedly my favourite coat I’ve ever owned which certainly makes the cold weather much more bearable; I can’t believe I’ve actually enjoyed having a few colder days so I can wear my coats. One of the reasons I feel this way is because I waited so many months to wear this; I bought it out of season at the Alannah Hill factory outlet (my absolute favourite shop in the entire world for a bargain) for 65% off the original retail price. This was from the Alannah Hill Autumn/Winter collection of 2012. In accordance with my style, I’d definitely describe Alannah Hill as always girly, classic and chic, in comparison with many other labels where the style is more transient in nature and closely tied to the current trends. This means that Alannah Hill pieces can easily be worn from year to year and will never look out of place. This is why I love waiting a few months until my favourite pieces make it to the Alannah Hill factory outlet where I can acquire a bargain even if I am technically wearing pieces from previous seasons. There are a few specific aspects of this coat that I adore; namely the oversize buttons, the tiered hem and the plaid design. I love plaid; you may have noticed that I often comment on other blogs saying I wish there was more of it around, so this was quite a find for me. This coat also comes in pink but I went for blue since I already have way too much pink in my wardrobe and ‘duck egg’ blue is one of my favourite colours at the moment (I posted about it here and here). I like the way the matching shoes to the hair bow make this outfit pop.








These shoes are from Ruche, a website which I’ve been totally in love with ever since I discovered it here.I was very impressed with the price, quality and customer service. These are one of the most unique pairs of shoes I’ve seen and I simply adore the floral embellishments. The silver and turquoise combination is so pretty.


I hope you’re all having a great week!  Life has been a lot better for me recently; I’ve kept busy and enjoyed some fun times with family and friends. I’ve finally managed to attain some employment which starts in two weeks time; it’s only a three week contract but it’s at a law firm and it’s a start. As many of you know I’ve been unemployed for this entire year and prior to thatI was a full time student, so the workforce is a very foreign concept to me so I am extremely nervous. Even though full time work scares me more than anything, establishing a career for myself is what I want more than ever right now. I’ve struggled a lot with the concept of being unemployed and even getting myself to this point has been so difficult. As the months passed by, I felt like an outsider, watching the world go by while I sat at home alone almost all day everyday. The isolation was awful. I questioned the point of life every single day and felt completely worthless as though I was contributing absolutely nothing to life. I felt like nothing I ever did was good enough, I might as well give up and I was inferior to everyone else  who worked. I’ve never been a confident person but any small amount of confidence I had at the beginning of this year was completely eroded over my months of unemployment. I wasn’t in a good place in my life. It felt so unfair; I’d spent five years at university to acquire two degrees yet I was the one unemployed. To make matters worse I knew I wasn’t unemployed because I wasn’t smart enough, it was because I didn’t have the self belief  or motivation to put myself out there or give myself a chance. I felt trapped in a cycle; losing even more confidence to apply for jobs as every day passed. When I finally was successful at a job interview, I had to wait months and months for it to start, only to find out that my future employment prospects with that company may not be as secure as I’d initially thought. I was devastated after months of putting all my effort into preparing for that particular job. All my hopes for the future were pinned to this job; it was so much more than a job for me, it was about overcoming personal obstacles and proving to myself that I was worthy of using my law degree. I’d received false hope for months and simply couldn’t face possibly returning to having no employment prospects again. Fortunately, I was successful at gaining my three week contract with a completely different firm very soon after which allowed me to remain positive. I’ll try my absolute best at this temporary position and see where it takes me. Here’s to moving forward and not looking back!

Alannah Hill ‘Her Diamond Love’ Coat
Collette Hair Bow
Lovisa Earrings
Ruche Fascination Embellished Heels

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141 thoughts on “Outfit: Blue Tartan

  1. That is a gorgeous coat and I really like the way you've done your hair and the shoes are so pretty! I'm glad you've found a job and I understand that worthless feeling completely. I'm on my Summer holidays and nowhere is hiring students for a few months while I'm back so I feel the same way. It's tough, but I am glad you're feeling happier now 🙂 – Tasha xxx


  2. Good luck in your new job, fingers crossed that they keep you on after the 3 weeks 🙂 I love the way you wear your hair bow underneath your bun – so sweet! Getting a bargain is the best feeling, especially if it's something you've waited and waited for 🙂 xx


  3. I've never quite seen plaid done like this before. Wishing you luck with your job–I'm also going to be a law student so I hope that I can find work as well!




  4. The tiered hem of your Alannah Hill 'Her Diamond Love Coat' is very pretty. It's hard for me to imagine how a wardrobe could have too much pink in it. Pink and duck egg blue is a wonderful colour combination. That coat will look beautiful over every one of your pink blouses, skirts and dresses. The little ruffles at the shoulders of your Alannah Hill coat add to the lovely feminine appearance.

    Congratulations on your temporary three week work contract, and best of luck for building confidence and experience now that you're about to break the ice and put your legal prowess to work. 🙂


  5. You always have some of the most stunning and unique pieces I've seen! I never tire of visiting your blog for new ideas and inspiration. this coat is absolutely fun and what wonderful details. Not to mention, those heels are so chic! I also have to say that your incredibly sweet and charming personality always shines through as well-you have the loveliest smile!


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