The reason why I dedicated an entire post to yellow is because of my recent love-hate relationship with the colour. For many years I used to hate yellow, I’d wear any other colour except for yellow or orange and I’m not even sure why that was the case. Over time I’ve come to appreciate yellow a lot more; it is just so happy and bright and exerts extreme positivity. I like how much of a statement a bright yellow item can make.I came to like yellow gradually; I mentioned here how my sister bought me an amazing pair of  yellow heels last Christmas. I’ve also worn them here and here. It was these shoes that converted me into loving yellow. Now I often like to wear lots of yellow in an outfit such as here. Yellow remains the most uncommon colour in my wardrobe; I’d love to get a pair of patent yellow flats and a 1950s cut yellow dress. How incredible are those Kate Spade flats? 


Photos from Alannah Hill, Orla Kiely, Guess, Kate Spade, Etsy, Fossil, Mango

Are you a fan of yellow?.

43 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Haha I get it I always hated yellwo until I found my bag which allowed me to understand the tre beauty of yellow. And while it will never be m favorite color I at least accept it now all items of yours especiallly the dress are gorgeous!


  2. I like yellow but never wear it because it washes out my pale skin and makes me look sickly. I can wear mustard though! Love that dress


  3. I hated yellow for years, too – I'm not really sure why! I'm still not a huge fan of orange, but yellow has grown on me; there's a cheerful, feminine quality to the colour that I really love. This selection of yellow pieces shows it perfectly 🙂


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