Current Loves: 4 Coats

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a ‘4 items’ wishlist. I was thinking about all the previous wishlists I’ve made; realising that I’d already covered cardigans, dresses, and shoes so I thought what would be more appropriate at this time of year than to make coats the subject of this post. It’s certainly starting to get cold here and often I feel so jealous of my friends in the northern hemisphere starting to have some warmer weather! Although I definitely shouldn’t complain about the weather in Australia; plus for the first time in years I’m actually enjoying wearing gloves, scarves and coats in addition to beautiful, exciting cardigans. Coats are at the forefront of my mind these days, not only because it is winter but also because the prospect of full time work and public transport in the early hours of the morning are no longer in the distant future. It is going to be a huge change for me; I’ve only ever been a full time student and I really maximised that concept by sleeping in basically the entire time I was at university. More about jobs later; I don’t want to say too much until it has actually happened. So the point is, once I do start working and have some money, a warm winter coat will pretty much constitute a necessity, right? I’m sure it comes as no surprise that all four of my choices  come from Alannah Hill; I just love the quality and the unique colours when it comes to coats.

Alannah Hill Help Me Coat
I thought I’d start with my absolute favourite! I saw this while shopping with a friend a few weeks ago and our first reactions were “it’s so pink!!” My love for this coat grew from there; the beautiful unique shade of pink, the white faux fur frim, the oversized buttons and the bow detailing at the pockets. It also has really cool colourful diamond print lining which is always a bonus; I get very excited by the linings of coats and jackets. This coat is so girly, pretty and dreamy; it is perfect. We were meant to be together, just a sizable sum of money stands in our way.


Alannah Hill The Secret of Secrets Coat

I just came across this stunning coat while I starting writing this post this morning. I’m sure it comes as no surprise, after all my recent posts here and here about this colour, that a duck egg blue coat is on my wishlist. I’d had my eye on the shorter version of this coat from months now but I wasn’t sure if the flared style in jacket form suited me. But at this length I’d have no trouble and the shape partially draws my attention to this coat. I also love the collar; I adore any form of oversized collar. Again, it comes with the most incredible kitty cat print lining; how could this possibly be any better?  agla018132f_duck-eggagla018132d_duck-egg

Alannah Hill The Good Girl Coat
I definitely believe the statement “it’s so pink!” should apply even more so to this coat; it is just the most incredible bright and happy shade. Over the years, as my colour preferences and style has changed, hot pink has always remained as one of my favourites. I saw this while shopping last week and the quality also sets it apart; it is so warm and the material  and slight textured effect is simply beautiful. Also, I love the collar. Every winter there seems to be one style in particular that I am drawn to. Last winter most of my outfits revolved around coloured trench coats. This year my obsession is cardigans and coats with faux fur collars. 

Alannah Hill Damn You Girl! Coat 
I chose this as the final coat for my wishlist because of the beautiful and bold emerald colour. In recent times I’ve started to like green a lot more, evidenced by my outfit posts here and here.  I believe emerald is an extremely classy and sophisticated shade and makes a statement. It’s so unique compared to anything I have in my wardrobe since I am usually drawn to pink and red coats; and I find this aspect of it very refreshing. I also love the oversized buttons and the buttons on the shoulders and it comes with the colourful diamond print lining too. 


Now I’ve reached the end of this post, it seems rather strange writing about cold weather and coats. Today was extremely beautiful, warm and sunny and I had a fabulous day with my sisters from the Polished Edge; a world entirely distant from how freezing cold it was when I started this post early this morning. Regardless, winter is definitely on its way!

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