Chevron Print

I always find it interesting the random little facts we learn every day. The other night my husband asked me what the word chevron meant. I told him not to be so ridiculous, surely chevron isn’t a word; it must be yet another word which he has made up. Still not entirely convinced, we decided to Google the word chevron and, to my surprise (and delight!) we found that chevron, among other meanings, is actually a really pretty amazing print. As someone who claims to know a lot about fashion, it is quite terrible that I didn’t know this! Now there is a whole new realm of patterns I could incorporate into my wardrobe. I totally want a chevron dress now, it is such a fun print and a great variation on stripes.I could totally DIY a pair of shoes with a chevron heel; there are so many possibilities. While creating these sets I enjoy discovering new designers and online stores. Unfortunately I think the Matthew Williamson items will be out of my price range forever but there are a whole range of much cheaper alternative chevron printed items. As usual my favourite place for chevron printed dresses is Modcloth; I could easily have filled this set with Modcloth dresses alone but I thought I should implement some variety. While browsing the Internet I also came across many chevron printed home wares; I have become much more excited about pretty items for the apartment in recent times.Another aspect I adore about chevron print is that it is somewhat versatile; I believe a classy sophisticated look could be created from black and white, while the more colourful designs are extremely fun and playful.


Photos from Modcloth, Chiara Fashion, Matthew Williamson, Sincerely Sweet Boutique, Bionda Castana, Missoni, Amrita Singh, Joss and Main

I was looking through my wardrobe during the week; since I really shouldn’t be spending on clothes at the moment and I realised that this dress which I posted here in January 2012 would probably constitute chevron print. So maybe my dreams of owning a chevron print dress are much closer than I thought; literally in my wardrobe right this moment. Don’t you just love it when that happens? The exact same thing happened to me a few years ago when I desperately wanted a polka dot skirt. Now I feel inspired to wear this dress again and I’ll pair it with one of my Alannah Hill cardigans to create a different look. The discovery of the word chevron has opened up a myriad of opportunities and provided me with many ideas for blog posts!


So tell me, are you a fan of chevron print? Am I really the only person in the world who didn’t know the name of this print?

75 thoughts on “Chevron Print

  1. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!

    You are so gorgeous and your dress so absolutely stunning! Love the print chevron!

    Have the best week ever,


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