Outfit: Peacock & Duck Egg Blue


In follow up to my last post, I thought I’d show you how I created a look with my latest favourite colour duck egg blue; I’ve written about this cardigan which I received for my birthday on multiple occassions such as here so I thought it was about time I finally post these photos. It was fun to style my peacock print dress again (I first wore it here) and I realised that it’s actually quite versatile; previously I would have only worn it in summer since it’s a strapless dress but I now there are a myriad of cardigans I’d wear with it to take this dress into the colder months. I often say how I love unique prints (as much as I adore polka dots, bows and stripes something different is always refreshing) so I believe the peacock print really stands out (kind of like my boat print dress which I posted here). I also love how I can style both blue and purple with this dress; reminiscent of a gradient effect almost. The touches of glitter combined with the pearls and shimmer on the cardigan make this outfit even more girly. I decided to add my Alannah Hill bag because ever since I received this cardigan, pale pink, blue and purple has become one of my favourite colour combinations; it seems very soft and pretty and always reminds me of Easter which is never a bad thing! To the left are my new gloves which I bought for $4.95, what a bargain! Thanks so much for your opinions on my last post.

My favourite songs right now are ‘Falling Slowly’ by Glen Hansard and ‘People Help the People’ Birdy version. Falling Slowly is probably the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard; I love how meaningful the lyrics are..the way the music builds up into”take this sinking boat and point it home, we’ve still got time, raise your hopeful voice, you had the choice, you’ve made it now”, the way the themes of trust, letting go, changes, hope, choices, life direction etc are played out so perfectly. When thought about deeply and within a broader context, it can be applied to so many different life situations and can be quite an inspiring song; this section is probably one of my favourite quotes about life. I don’t often tell people this but it has always been my secret dream to be a singer; I have so many feelings and thoughts about the world and it’s such a powerful feeling when I discover really meaningful songs.Β 




Lovely Australian bushland!



Alannah Hill Ring A Ring of Roses Cardigan
Dotti Peacock Print Dress
Guess Flats
Equip Earrings
Kmart Hair Flower
Alannah Hill A Lacey Affair BagΒ 

143 thoughts on “Outfit: Peacock & Duck Egg Blue

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  2. I love your outfit, love it, love it. You look like the dancer from “so you think you can dance” If I don't read your 'about me', I would think you are her. Wow, you have a lot of really nice & cool outfits. Thank you for your nice comment so I could find yours. I will follow you…
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  5. Thanks for stopping by today and for your nice comment! I am really loving your unique style you have going on and that cardigan you got for your birthday is so pretty! It looks great with that dress! Lovely colors together! Have a great weekend and I am now following! HOpe you will stop back and follow if you like!

    xx Pip



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