Duck Egg Blue

Ever since Alannah Hill released the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, my new favourite colour has become duck egg blue. There are no words to possibly explain how much I love this shade of blue’ it is so unique and stunning and I adore how it looks combined with pearls and metallic shimmer. It’s a bit of a change for me; for a very long time blue was probably the most uncommon colour in my wardrobe and I was always drawn to pink and purple fashion items. Fortunately my love for duck egg blue started not long before my birthday last month so I do have some lovely blue accessories and cardigans now. I also bought gloves for $4.95 which I thought was hardly going to break the budget and, as Rebecca Bloomwood explains in Confessions of a Shopaholic, <“I need gloves as it is winter, and I have… hands.” I also have a few items which I bought last year which almost fit into the broader spectrum of duck egg blue. I was looking around the house the other day and suddenly realised that our fry pan and bath towels are basically duck egg blue; yay for on trend homewares. This post reminds me, when a miracle happens and I win endless amounts of money…I’m definitely buying some Rupert Sanderson shoes (oh and maybe Miu Miu & Charlotte Olympia). 

Duck Egg Blue


Photos from Alannah Hill, Love Miss Daisy, Rupert Sanderson, Harvey Nichols, Bauble Bar

Now onto other news. I’ve seen this topic discussed on a number of blogs over the years; do your family and friends know about your blog? In the four years I’ve been blogging, I only told my husband and I know that one of my sisters and a few old school friends came across it by total chance; I appear in Google images searches for ‘Dotti lace dress’ and ‘Portmans lace dress’ . This week my other sisters created a fashion blog called the Polished Edge (check it out here, comment and follow, I know it’s going to be amazing!) and this gave me the confidence to finally share my fashion blog with the ‘real world.’ In recent years, I’ve lost interest and motivation for many things but fashion blogging has always remained constant; it’s the one aspect of my life I’ve put maximum effort into and I’m pleased with the way it’s progressed. But I never knew how to tell anyone about it; the thought always  made me extremely nervous. I’m not entirely sure why; maybe because it’s always been my online world of escapism and I’m not very confident so I always worry excessively about what others think. It’s hard to reveal a huge part of my life that I’ve previously been too nervous to talk about before despite very much wanting to have the confidence. Anyway, my fashion blog is now out in the open and it feels good; in many ways I feel a sense of freedom. Let me know your thoughts on this issue…  

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