New In: Double Bow Flats


I’m absolutely in love with my new Alannah Hill flats at the moment. Despite Alannah Hill being my favourite brand for a very long time this is the first time I’ve ever owned a pair of Alannah Hill shoes. I have just about everything else and my weakness is cardigans so whenever I have money it generally goes in that direction. It’s always exciting to own a different item for the first time. I believe these are totally my style; I love the double bows, the statement bright pink and the versatility of the black. It combines many of my favourite aspects in fashion. I have way too many shoes but I simply cannot resist the perfect pair. I bought these at an incredible discount of 65% off the original retail price. I cannot speak highly enough of these shoes and I am so happy to own them now. They are beautiful, gorgeous, pretty and girly. I can’t wait to wear them; I have so many outfits in mind for these shoes. They also come in red and white which was absolutely beautiful too but I already have a similar pair of double bow flats in red and white from Wittner so that’s why I went for the black and pink version.



Alannah Hill Walk Me Home Flats

38 thoughts on “New In: Double Bow Flats

  1. You're so cute! I love that your weakness is cardigans, they are such a versatile knitwearing piece. The shoes are very pretty. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your comment. /Madison xx


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