Outfit: Black & White Stripes


Today’s outfit is my entry into Bloggers Do Black & White Stripes Better at Pretty Shiny Sparky. I love the idea of Bloggers Do It Better and it’s been awhile since we’ve had a new challenge so it was fun and inspiring to participate in this one. I have always liked stripes so this was definitely one of my favourite challenges. Black and white stripes have been so incredibly popular recently, making a bold statement. I feel as though it’s one of the few times I’m actually wearing a current trend; most of the time I believe I follow my own style rather than what’s in. It’s also great timing for the black and white stripe challenge because I received this top for my birthday and it’s always exciting to wear new clothes for the first time! I decided to pair it with my new houndstooth shoes which were also a birthday gift. They are very special shoes because I’d had my eye on them for so long. I really like the combination and the way the outfit came together; after all they are both forms of black and white stripes! I decided to add pops of colour with the green skirt and my new coral coloured bag; the bag I also received for my birthday. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. I had a fun time catching up with both sides of the family. The weather was great so I had the opportunity to take many sets of outfit pictures; I have lots of posts lined up right now.  






Girl  Xpress Top
Revival Skirt
Kmart Hair Flower
Laura Jones Bag
Wittner Lover Flats

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