New In: Boucle Bag


I have so many new items I want to post on my blog at the moment since my birthday was less than two weeks ago. All in good time, I say! Today I am featuring my new bag from Forever New. I fell in love with this sweet adorable bag the moment I saw it; I knew I had to have it because it was totally my style. It is also very unique and gorgeous with a vintage element; not what I’d expect to see in a regular high street store. You may have noticed that I don’t often display bags in  my outfit posts. That’s because I usually don’t take one; my husband’s pockets generally act as my handbag. So instead of owning a high volume of bags, like I do clothes and shoes, I just have a few very good bags which I love. I believe this bag, in addition to my Alannah Hill handbag which I received for Christmas a few years ago and posted here, will be my most frequently used bags in the near future. One of the most special aspects of this bag is the beautiful boucle material. It’s so similar to my boucle jacket that I received for my birthday a couple of years and posted here. It is so classy and timeless and reminds me of Chanel!  I also adore the little badges, especially the cute bicycle. This bag improves any outfit immediately. I love the gold detailing and the structure. Everything about it is perfect. I love it! I took some outfit pictures with my new bag the other day which I will post soon.



Forever New ‘From Paris with Love’ Bag 

37 thoughts on “New In: Boucle Bag

  1. Aw! Imogen, I am so glad that you found a bag you love so much. I really like things that have black and gold in them–classy and bold. And the textured fabric is so nice. I hope it lasts you a long time, lovely lady! ❤


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