Outfit: Red, White & Grey


I wore this dress yesterday for a quick trip to the park and then dinner with family. I can’t believe how warm it is for this time of year; it was like a summer’s day. Actually I’ve been wearing this dress frequently over the last week because I received it for my birthday and it’s always fun to wear new clothes. My sister bought me this dress from Topshop. It’s my second ever Topshop item and the first one from Topshop in Sydney. Some people in my family believe I have too many clothes and shoes , totally avoiding buying me any more for presents. But it’s great that I can always rely on my sister for new clothes. She usually buys me a new dress for birthdays and Christmas (or occassionally shoes) and I always end up loving what she chooses (like these yellow shoes from last year).  I look forward to it each time. I love the shape and fit of the dress, the classy colour scheme and the pretty pattern. It’s great for accessorising; I’ve found so many belts and shoes I can style with this dress. Oh and this is my absolute favourite nail polish at the moment (also a birthday present from my sister from Topshop). It is the most gorgeous shade of pink I’ve ever seen.







Topshop Floral Jaquard Tunic
Portmans Belt
Kmart Hair Flower
Wittner Bow Flats
Prouds Pearls

49 thoughts on “Outfit: Red, White & Grey

  1. The dress is so lovely on its own and you took it to the next level with excellent styling. Thanks for lending me your fashion insight, have a great week doll!


  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    I love your dress, and you're right it's really great for accessorizing with different belts and shoes and colors. You look gorgeous!


  3. Wow, ho did you get such a perfect bun in your hair-it looks darling! What a beautiful, classy look. Pearls are always my favorite and I love that your red and white shoes match your dress. This is lovely!


  4. The floral print Topshop Floral Jacquard Tunic your sister bought you for your birthday is lovely. I love the short sleeves, neckline and drape in addition to the dress's pretty print. The photographs of you in the dress are wonderful. I like the photo taken from above. Your hair bow and pearl necklace are pretty and so is the colour of the Topshop nail polish from your sister.



  5. Oh Imogen, you always have the prettiest little dresses! And this one that your sister picked out for you is no exception. The print and cut of it are both just so perfect. And I always love how you do your hair up so neatly. The red and pearls really add a lot to your outfit. So cute!

    Also, thank you for your kind comment on my last post. It really does mean a lot. It's amazing how kind and supportive the blogging community has been, and also how much of us feel the same way sometimes. I'm honored to know such a lovely lady as yourself! ❤


  6. Grey and red look marvelous together.
    Oh, it happens to me too, my family thinks I have wayyy to much stuff and I am starting to believe them !
    I am downsizing my shoes, little by little.. before i use to have over a 100 pairs, now i am down to about 70 and want to go down even more.


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