Outfit: Lilac, Mint & Pink


Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely weekend celebrating with family and I received some fabulous gifts which I will show you later in the week. Since I’ve been on a spending ban recently, receiving clothes and shoes was even more meaningful than usual. It’s so great to feel that rush of excitment over having new items again. My birthday celebrations started on Friday night as I went to Opera Bar with my sister (I wore the outfit I posted here). I’d never been to Opera Bar before but it turned out to be one of the best places I’ve been to for drinks; the scenic location by the harbour and the Opera House was so beautiful.  The next day (my actual birthday) I had lunch and played tennis with my parents, followed by a lovely dinner out with Rydog. Then on Sunday night I had dinner with the in laws and my mother in law made me a pretty pink cake with chocolate hearts (I wore the outfit I posted here). It was a wonderful feeling know that people went to so much effort and really do care about me… Now onto the outfit. I’ve worn this a lot lately. I love the lace detailing in such a soft pretty shade of purple. The neckline in particular reminds me of the bridesmaids dresses for my wedding which I posted here and the dress I wore to another wedding only a month later which I posted here.  I guess this must be one of my favourite necklines. As soon as I bought the dress the idea came to me of making it stand out with bright accessories. I’ve always loved lavender, mint and pink so from that, the outfit came together. 






Paper Heart Dress
RMK Kitten Flats
Lovisa Earrings
Kmart Hair Flower

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