Outfit: Green & Black Polka Dots


This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment and I am looking forward to wearing it again. It seems to be one of my more popular looks too because when I was out at the shops the other day, I received the most compliments I’ve ever had on an outfit before. That made me feel great for a short time. But I do wish I was good at something other than overdressing for no reason and spending excessive amounts of money on clothes! I like the colour of this dress; it’s a little different from most of my other clothes and I like how it works well with the polka dots. I guess you could say I broke my spending ban because I bought this collar necklace. But I like to tell myself that this purchase doesn’t count because it was only a few dollars from Kmart (oh and it’s my birthday next week…does that count as another reason?!)… I’ve seen a lot of these collar necklaces around the blogsphere and always admired them; I wondered why I could never find any in the shops so I’m happy to finally have one. I’ve got lots of ideas in mind for this necklace. Of course, it was great to wear my kitty shoes again too. As a few of you have noted, this has certainly become my signature hairstyle now. It just solves so many hair problems that I keep going back to it. I was even out in heavy rain and wind recently and I didn’t even care; it’s a water proof hairstyle as I like to say. I wish I had something more exciting to tell youΒ  about my life but I really don’t. Have a good weekend.









Dangerfield Dress
Kmart Collar Necklace
Kmart Hair Flower
Chalotte Olympia Kitty HeelsΒ 

65 thoughts on “Outfit: Green & Black Polka Dots

  1. That polka dot dress is so cute and I love the flower pin for your hair. I have a hair bow that I never know how to wear but the way you accessorized gave me some inspiration! Thanks πŸ˜€


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