Wishlist: 4 Cardigans

These days my wishlists are purely wishlists; there is no way I’m actually going to be able to buy these items because of my current financial circumstances. But that is ok! It is still fun to search the Internet for clothes as long as I somehow exercise some self control. I hate it how my taste in clothes has become so much more expensive in recent years, usually prevailing over any sense of logic. The first cardigan here, which is my favourite, is $169. If I am honest I’d probably just go and buy it if I had the money. A couple of years ago I would have thought $50 for a cardigan was expensive. As hard as it is, necessity ie. having absolutely no money to spend on clothes, was the only way to force me into better spending habits.

Alannah Hill Ring a Ring of Roses Cardigan 
I am drawn to this cardigan because of the unique and exquisite colour; although it’s not as decorative as many Alannah Hill cardigans, how often do you ever see this beautiful “duck egg” blue?  I believe it is my favourite colour at the moment. I also love the detailing of the little pearlsand the subtle shimmer. This cardigan would be very versatile; I can already think of a range of skirts and dresses that this would work well with. 775px-Ring_A_Ring_Of_Roses!_Cardi_(Duck-Egg)_$169_front

Alannah Hill In Alannah We Trust Cardigan 
I adore the pearl and beaded collar on this cardigan. It is even prettier in real life; a truly exquisite feature. I just love statement collars like this one, they can add so much to any outfit. The pale shade of mint green is very fabulous and beautiful; recently I’ve started to love green and I’m always looking to add more green clothes to my wardrobe.   775px-In_Alannah_We_Trust_(Mint)_$189_front

Alannah Hill Feed Them Rats Cardigan
To me, this is the ultimate girly cardigan and represents my style perfectly. What is there not to love about pink, sparkle, polka dots and bows? What more could I possibly want in a cardigan? I love the subtle detailing of the scalloped sleeves and edges.  The larger than usual polka dots particularly draw my attention; I just can’t get enough of polka dots.  775px-Feed_Them_Rats_Cardi_(Pink)_$199_frontAlannah Hill Climb My Hill Cardigan
I love the flowers and lace on this cardigan; they are so pretty and beautiful. The pale shade of purple is unique and more gorgeous in real life than in the pictures. It is extremely special. I think I’m drawn to it because it’s so different to what’s currently in my wardrobe; I always feel like I am lacking a purple cardigan.

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13 thoughts on “Wishlist: 4 Cardigans

  1. Even though I've followed your blog for quite a while I hadn't realised how much you love cardigans. They are all very pretty and I can see why you'd like each of them. It's always fun thinking about what would coordinate well with whatever piece you're looking at. I like pairing green and pink together, but it's hard to get just the right complementary match without the right pieces right there in person. I've tried a number of times to acquire a bright green blouse to pair with pink knickers for Saint Patrick's Day but what I order never seems to provide the exact combination I'm looking for.

    The “duck egg” blue and boat neck collar of the first cardigan are pretty, and the second cardigan has a collar more like what I might expect to see on a blouse or dress. I agree with you on the third cardigan. The bows and the girly deep pink colour of the trim, polka dots would be hard to resist. The flowers, lace and colour of the last cardigan are lovely too. Who knows, maybe while holding off you'll come across a cardigan that has the best attributes of all four and hopefully things will be looking up on the job front by then.


  2. I'm exactly the same, I find myself wanting to buy things that are slightly more expensive. I guess that comes with buying from more quality brands rather than those that are very young and devoted to fast fashion.


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